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Jul 28, 2012 02:06 PM

L' Ami Jean Today

Hi Chow Nation,

I wanted to give everyone who may be interested in our experience at LAMJ today. First a little context which I always think is helpful. We (wife and 2 kids. 11 and 13) have been in Paris for a month or so and have eaten alot.. some well, some not so. I've been reading alot of post relative to LMJ. and frankly was quite conflicted whether or not it was worth the hassle. We've have been to Frenchie, Cafe Constant 3 times (close and requies little planning), Jadis, Bistro Paul Bert, and a couple of 1 Mich. star places in Provence (La Cabro D'Or) and a host of other spots such as the Falaffel spot in les Marais, Cuisine de bar ect.... Also we were lucky enough to have lunch at Moet &Chandon's spot in Rheims.

Hands down, LMJ best of the trip. We went today(sat) which was thier 2nd to the last service before the holiday. Everything including service was top notch. We had the table closest to the street with the window open on a nice cool day. Wife and kids did the 3 course which I think was 42E each and I had the Chef menu at 55E. We had a bottle of 11 Morgon from Lapierre and I think the final tab was 160E. I've attached a write up I provided a friend earlier for your perusal.

Ok first of all, we all forgot our gadgets so no pics. However. Best meal yet. I was a little iffy at first, but man, what a home run. The other 3 went with the 3 courser. I of course, stepped up and went big boy. In lieu of pics, her is a brief rundown of most all dishes.

Lobster Bisque. Not the usual. Big bowl came with condiments only..tiny croutons, tiny Basque ham cubes, chives. Water comes with a pitcher to pour in bisque that is so reduced with no cream it is nuts. You could taste each element.

Beef and Carrots - Beef cheeks cooked down so much they were creamy with a quenelle of pureed carrots with a parmesan foam- Christine said it was the best dish she has ever had.

Roast Pork - Son had it, and I couldn’t even tell what cut it was. It was served med. Rare with the best pork flavor I think I’ve had.

Lapin – Perfectly Roast Rabbit that daughter had with carrots, and turnips was simple but terrific.

Ok, now back to my menu:

Perfectly undercooked, and runny, poached egg and lobster chunks with a little sesame all poached together in a sardine can. On the side in a large shooter was the best Gazpacho with Iberico ham made into the thinnest slices of bacon. Winner of best dish of the trip.

Fish –don’t know what it was, but if was about 6 inches long, filet and cooked in “Basque style” but you could taste each individual ingredient instead of the amalgamation that that prep usually is. Really good.

Double Lamb Chop – Simply prepared with a Basque type of sauce, but probably the best lamb I’ve ever eaten.

Rice Puddin- This place in known for it and man was it amazing. Not your mamma’s pudding. Come with accoutrements of roasted, dried fruits, nuts ect. With a homemade Carmel crème that you drizzle on top.

3 other desserts that get fuzzy at this point since I basically knocked out a bottle of Lapierre Morgon.

I ended with a glass of some apple some such digestitive from the Basque region on recommendation. (it was clear).

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  1. Thanks for the ref on the apple digestive. It is very classic but good stuff is hard to find. We will check out that at LAJ.

    1. Thank you very much for reporting back even if your dinner seemed to have slid into a merrier and merrier blur. Very funny.
      I agree that Chez l'Ami Jean really belongs to the top tier of a one-star. and you and your family chose very well, and evidently dined marvelously as for the rest of your trip. Bravo.
      Just came home after a low-key Paris Saturday night myself, low-key for Paris, so I am in a somewhat merry blur too. :-)

      1. Parigi/Mangeur,

        You guys have been extremely helpful to us preparing our food itenery via stalking your postings. CH is interesting as you can really tell who knows the subject matter by doing alot of scanning posts. One last question. We are dining at Breizh tonight as I think the kids will like and I'm interested in the Cider. As I mentioned, we have been here a month and I think I have one more lunch/dinner left in me. Any suggestions? We are in the 7th, but obviously will travel for chow. I tried Jadis but they are done for the summer.

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        1. re: J.R.

          Make sure to have Kouign Amman for dessert. My all time favorite French pastry.

          1. re: jock

            Oh wow, they have that for dessert? Good to know! I usually have that for breakfast but I am a firm believer in eating as much Kouign Amman as possible.