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Jul 28, 2012 01:59 PM

This End Up - Dundas and Dufferin - Great Casual Restaurant

My partner and I popped into this place for lunch as we were heading to Roncesvalles. They had two menus - one for weekend brunch, the other a lunch menu consisting mostly of sandwiches - plus a bunch of specials. We ended up both ordering specials. I got the Better Mac, a homemade Big Mac style burger, with a side of chilled lima bean soup. The burger was perfectly cooked - just a slight hint of pink, very juicy. The bun was soft, but didn't get soggy. The soup was garnished with crispy garlic slivers and thinly sliced granny smith apples - super delicious! My partner ordered fish tacos - three cornmeal crusted fried basa tacos, with pickled cabbage, crema, and avocado. The fish was so light and crispy. Super good!

For drinks, we got homemade sodas - blueberry and almond & pineapple and sage. They also served us Q water for free in a big pitcher. For $30 (taxes in), it was a fantastic deal! I can't wait to go back.

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  1. I went again to This End Up today, and my first experience was no fluke; the food was fantastic once again.

    I had a a fried chicken sandwich with a blue cheese spread, hot sauce, and pickled celery and carrots - sort of like a chicken wing platter as a sandwich. I got the green salad on the side, which wasn't, as I have come to expect, a bunch of leaves with balsamic vinaigrette. Instead, I got arugula, pickled fennel and sesame seeds in a sweet, creamy dressing. So good!

    My husband got the fish poboy - same lightly battered fish as the tacos, in a soft roll with pickles, lettuce and mayo. The fries were perfectly crisp, with skin on to boot. I had a salted caramel soda, which was so good!

    The place wasn't super busy while we were there. A few couples stopped to look at the menu and kept walking; I wanted to scream, "Come in! It'll be the best decision you ever make!".

    1. actually had dinner there tonite. the owner was a wonderful host. very warm and inviting. i liked the vibe of the place immediately. very casual. the sandwhiches on offer all seemed to be really well thought out.

      we ordered the smoked pork belly banh mi with salad and the fried basa fish i think it was po' boy with fries. the sandwiches were quite large so we were able to share and have half of each which was nice. the fish sandwich was quite good. it was a breaded fish as opposed to battered. the breading stayed crispy and was nicely seasoned. the fish itself tasted fresh. i did enjoy the overall flavors of the sandwich. it was lite and didn't over power the fish. to be totally honest this was good and bad at the same time. not bad in anyway relating to flavor but just my personal preference i guess. what i mean is that the first 4 or 5 bites was great. by the end it was getting a bit boring since there was nothing else to it. remember i was only eating half the sandwich. this is just once again a preference and takes nothing away from the sandwich.

      the smoked pork belly viet sub was really good. it hit all the right notes. the smoke was just rite. the pork flavorful and tender. the bread used in both sandwiches was wonderful. just the right crust and bread ratio compared to the filling.

      the salad was refreshing and had enough interesting components. the fries although very tasty did not really stay crispy for very long. many were not crispy even hot. it is quite difficult to make crispy fries so i would have to say i still enjoyed them overall.

      the food took just over 20 min's to get to our table after ordering. there were about 18 diners at the moment. for a new restaurant that has just open this is acceptable since the service was pretty good.

      we had a good overall experience at this end up. the sandwich was very good. the sides were up to par and the service was excellent. i also thought the price point was right on especially for the portion of the dishes.

      1. Reviving an old thread. I hadn't heard about this resto but went this weekend and really liked it. Some of the Yelp reviews mentioned it being hipster but I did not get that vibe. The food was delicious, plentiful and nice vegan (and omni) options. I was immediately drawn to the "Dal Frites" but really liked the coconut bacon BLT.