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Jul 28, 2012 01:54 PM

Mystic, ct area

Going to be in the Mystic area next week . Usually go to Abbotts.
Anything interesting in the areas. Mexican , fish, pub, or fun ?
Any recommendations . Thx

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  1. The Boathouse(used to be Jamms) - good casual food

    The Oyster bar is excellent and higher priced

    Peking- Tokyo - sushi

    Thai- one on and Rice, Spice Noodle are good

    If you want Vietnamese- Theres a new place in Groton called Phantasia in the Big Y shopping center that has excellent Pho and a few other vietnamese dishes i have yet to try.

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    1. re: KROB

      I'm heading there soon myself -

      Is "The Oyster Bar" different from "The Oyster Club" ? I can't seem to find the former.

      1. re: lexismore

        That is probably the S & P Oyster Co on the Mystic River, different from the Oyster Club on the other side of the River.


    2. Its the "Oyster Club"
      although the S&P Oyster house is supposed to be very good
      It used to be a tourist trap but apparently its become very good
      I have to check it out

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      1. re: KROB

        For Breakfast try Kitchen Little.

          1. re: DeanH

            Happening to check - AFAICT Kitchen Little is NOT gone, it's moved. Do a search it's at the Marina.

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          S&P is very good now. While the menu is good, the specials are always stellar now.

        2. Dean and all,
          Kitchen little is alive and well!
          They moved to the Mason's island marina area to what used to be the Blue Door cafe.I have been on vacation all week, but they were doing well at the new location, when I left.

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              Thanks for the info. Cannot wait to go back when I am in Mystic.

            2. Have not yet been there, but am told the Sea Swirl (I think) makes the best fried clams in all of CT

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                Last time I was there a couple years ago, all I remember was a lot of greasy breading. Can't say off the top of my head where I had the best fried clams but it wasn't there.

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                  Haven't been to the Sea Swirl yet (I'm in PA,) this year, but we found it excellent last year. Save room for their ice cream, too!

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                    I used to say that too, but the last two times I went (in the last 4 years) they were not all that great. Matunick Oyster House has excellent whole belly clams.