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Jul 28, 2012 12:59 PM

We will have 1 day from 8-4 in Halifax. One day in St.Johns from 9-3. We are on the Disney Cruise. Help!

We will be there the first full week of August. We will not have a car. All of my life I have wanted to go to Nova Scotia. Please tell me where we need to eat. I don't want to miss anything wonderful. I have been reading the discussion boards all day. Also what should we pack to wear?

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  1. Halifax is a great city, and you will find lots to do. Some you won't have a car, I'll give suggestions that are within walking distance of the pier where the cruise ships dock.

    - Cows Ice Cream is wonderful. It is on the waterfront, about a 10 minute walk north of the cruise ship terminal.
    - I like the food at The Battered Fish, also on the waterfront.
    - The Grill at Cut has good burgers. They are located on Water St, which is parallel to the water.
    - Wooden Monkey is a great spot for local, organic food. It is a favourite of visiting celebs too. They are on Argyle St.
    - bistro Le Coq is great , also on Argyle St.
    - The cruise ships dock behind the Seaport Market. Depending on the day, there are lots of choices there.

    I recommend the Harbour Hopper tour, as well as a visit to Citadel Hill

    You will be here in the middle of the summer, so you will need summer clothes. I'm not sure where you are departing from, but I know some Disney cruises depart from NYC. The weather in Halifax won't be too different from that in NYC in August.

    Also, I suspect you will be going to Saint John, not St. John's. Saint John is in New Brunswick, while St. John's is in Newfoundland. I don't think Disney goes to Newfoundland.

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      Thank you so much. I am from the Philadelphia area and have only been to Niagara Falls as child. I am so excited to see and experience this part of

    2. Remember, if you are looking at weather info from a Canadian site, we measure in Celsius, not Fahrenheit. Makes a big difference :)

      1. Do you mean St. John's, Newfoundland or Saint John, New Brunswick? The last person who posted about a Disney cruise was going to Saint John, NB.

        If you do mean St. John's, NL, see my recommendations on must-eat foods here:
        And in the other Disney cruise thread here:

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          CANADAGirl was correct. I am going to St. John NB. Good thing she pointed that out. I even had incorrect tour books!

        2. this is great idea since you are only here one Day

 is a great showcase of local food with a known secret if you go to the backdoor Dennis will serve you take out Pad Thai for $10

          Sugah! on the waterfront is hand paddled ice cream with lots of Nova Scotia made ingredients available and Big Kahuna which takes 2 people to eat is only $5

          in Saint John visit the Farmers Market and take a look up at the roof

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            Fid has pad thai at the back door?!?! How did I not know this?

            1. re: CanadaGirl

              He just started doing it in May after Open City but it's delicious you can even ask for death sauce which is the perfect amount of heat to flavour

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                CanadaGirl you need to get on twitter follow me and all the Halifax food secrets are revealed

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                  My friend and I found the pad thai really disappointing.

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                  Yes - I would agree with the tasting tour, Fid (and I've taken advantage of backdoor pad thai many times now), and Sugah!

                  Probably a great overview in a limited time.

                  A two day itinerary would add for pizza - save room for salted caramel tart for desert and either or