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Jul 28, 2012 12:43 PM

Boo's Philly Cheesesteak in East Hollywood/West Silver Lake/South Los Feliz

7 ounces of steak on a 10 inch Amoroso roll, choice of cheese and toppings including provolone, white cheddar, American or whiz and mushrooms, grilled onions and grilled peppers.

Steak is about a half inch thick when it hits the grill, so it’s thick enough to become tender and not dried-out. Grilled onions and sweet grilled peppers, with a very slight spiciness to the peppers are a good topping to keep the sandwich very moist and flavorful. Provolone is under the meat so it melts and doesn’t get all over the place. And the Amoroso roll is fresh and soft, but firm enough to keep its shape.

Fries were abundant, perfectly cooked and apparently fried in fresh oil as the flavor was outstanding.

Service was friendly and helpful, with 5 people working for about 10 tables.

This is a great addition to the neighborhood.

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  1. +1 on that.

    Been a few times already and have to say that their steaks - I usually go for the hoagie steak with provolone, mushrooms, onions - tastes very much the same as what we used to get when I would visit Philly or Joisey shore locations in the summer as a kid.

    Fries are solid but the portion is almost too much for one. My only suggestion would be to add onion rings to the menu.

    1. Address? Prices? I assume it is an order-at-the-counter place -- does it have TVs?

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      1. re: nosh

        It is at the NW Corner of Virgil and Fountain and has a small parking lot but street parking is available, too. You order at the counter and they bring it to you. There is a flatscreen TV and there is a small patio. Cheesesteak is $7.95 (specialty steaks are $1 more, cheese-less $1 less).

          1. re: New Trial

            They must have added a TV for the Olympics because there were two there when we went and we were treated to women's swimming.

          1. re: ns1

            ok, im gonna hit it up, hopefully they take credit cards too.

            and i can get my Cheez Whiz on the steak with those griddled onions and i'm all good for a disgusting but tasty meal.

            am i the only one that is completely disgusted my cheesesteaks yet they are so fucking good at the same time. ???

            1. re: ns1

              I've been meaning to check out this place since they opened and now i'm going to try and get there this weekend. i'll probably go for a cheesesteak on my 1st visit (provolone, mushrooms, grilled onions), but i'm curious about that hoagie. have you tried the italian hoagie? (i'm hoping it's a good east coast hoagie in this neck of the woods)

              1. re: LAgirl2

                Yes I did. It was the closest thing I've been able to find to the hoagies I had in NJ (I know they're a little bit different than Philly, but you get the point).

                An excellent option if you don't want something heavy.

                1. re: ns1

                  thanks! sounds very promising. i'm originally from boston and have a fondness for east coast italian american deli sandwiches (and other foods). the only thing that has kept me from trying them out is that ricky's fish tacos is across the street.........and it's hard not to get distracted.

                  1. re: LAgirl2

                    Ricky's before 5, Boo's after

                    Problem solved!

                    1. re: ns1

                      Love it. that does sound like the perfect solution.

                      1. re: ns1

                        hehe. i'm usually over that way on the weekends mid-day----so that food decision can become tough (also i tend to detour to umami around the corner for a manly burger-n-brew once a month or so). maybe boo's can do a shrimp po boy w/ the shrimp from ricky's in the amoroso roll........

              2. wow, i haven't been here yet.

                but i did remember someone singing the praises of this joint a few months back.

                and sweet grilled peppers ???

                it's so back on my radar now.

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                1. re: kevin

                  It's very good. And if you don't want fries, they do have Wise potato chips,

                  1. re: JosephEBacon

                    i'll get the tasty cakes and that candy bar from Philly if they have those too.

                    A real junk food lunch to end all junk food lunches.

                    I doubt they serve Philly birch beer there too, or better yet real beer too ?


                    1. re: kevin

                      I don't remember them having Birch Beer, but they have a Pepsi machine. No real beer or wine, sorry...

                      1. re: JosephEBacon

                        too bad they don't serve real beer......that was the only thing missing from my lunch there today. i got the mushroom steak w/ provolone & grilled onions. i thought the meat had a tad too much black pepper flavor (minor quibble) but it was a good and pretty large sandwich.

                        i would have also liked some pepperocini to put on top---they did have a couple of jars of other types of marinated peppers (and hot sauce) on the counter. evidently the amoroso rolls come from sysco---they were making a delivery while i was there and unloading boxes of the rolls (among other items).

                        as lil mikey mentioned, they had a lot of people working there and the service was very fast and friendly.

                        i'm looking forward to trying the italian hoagie next time i'm over there (they're using dietz & watson meats vs boar's head for those that are interested).

                        1. re: LAgirl2

                          I did my houndly duty today.

                          1. re: ns1

                            hey-----it looks like they have peperocini after all! i'll have to ask for some on my cheesesteak next time. that a pretty good looking hoagie!

                            1. re: LAgirl2

                              my advice to you is ask for it to go. They are more "forceful" with it when you get it to-go and things are much, much neater. Impossible to eat the sandwich as the picture is taken unless you use your index finger to constantly smash in the toppings.

                              it is delicious though.

                              1. re: ns1

                                I had to use my finger to smash the mushrooms/meat/onions into the roll on the cheesesteak while eating it. ingredients were flying everywhere. i was happy that the roll held up to all the juices until the last bite. it almost became a french dip sandwich by that point---the insides of the bread saturated w/ au jus from the cooked veggies and meat.

                                i'll for sure have them pack the hoagie to go when i have some time to get back over there. i think that will allow the flavors to mingle a bit and then i can have a beer along side while eating it @ home.

                                wow---extra provolone + wiz!!! thats allota cheese!

                            2. re: ns1

                              surprisingly it looks a little dainty.

                              1. re: kevin

                                it's bigger than a godmother but doesn't have as much meat.

                                1. re: ns1

                                  dang, i'll hopefully hit up soon.

                                  but i'll prolly have to eat it there.

                                  since i don't live near H'wd.

                                  i wonder if the turkey hoagie is decent too,

                                  form the pic, did you sprinkle on that pepper mix on top of the pepperoncinis or did they do it already ???


                                  it's gonna be hard to stay away from the tasty cakes too.

                                  1. re: kevin

                                    It came like that. I would advise you to get it to go just so they wrap it up for you.

                                    also got a cheesesteak with extra onions extra provolone and whiz. holy hell that thing was the cheesiest cheesesteak I've ever eaten.

                  2. Update: They have abandoned the thick steak in favor of thinly sliced steak. It's still tasty and moist. It's just pre-sliced when it hits the grill.

                    We recently tried the pizza flavored cheesesteak, which was fine but I like the original version described above better. Fries still outstanding.

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                    1. re: lil mikey

                      When I went the first time (last Aug.), they were already using the thinly sliced (probably prepackaged) steak and yes, the sandwich was tasty and moist.

                      I finally got around to trying the hoagie---it was a really solid east-coast hoagie but it made me crave a sandwich from an Italian deli instead. I think commercial deli meats these days are over salted and lacking in flavor. Granted, a sandwich from Mozza2go is almost twice the price as Boo's. But Boo's is very good for what it is.