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Jul 28, 2012 11:56 AM

Recommendations for 9 day stay at Hotel Del? 2 kids in tow...

We are coming from Portland, Maine and will be staying at the Hotel Del for 9 nights in mid-August...2 adults who have broad tastes...and 2 kids with stubbornly limited palates (11 and 7) but who will behave appropriately at upscale restaurants. We do not plan on limiting our food choices based upon the boys' preferences...there will be something most anywhere that they will eat and we can always supplement afterwards.

I've started to try to figure out restaurants for while we are there and I'm hoping the board members have some guidance.

We will do at least a few nice dinners...including 1500 Ocean at the Del...but with a laid back vacation with kids the majority of the dinners will orient to more casual dining. Breakfast will be had on Coronado most mornings...lunch will depend upon our travels for the day.

We will have a car so can venture off-island for dinner...but on most nights would prefer walking distance due to kids and avoiding any worry over adult beverages with dinner. If there is must-eat in San Diego proper/GasLamp...we'll go there.

For lunches...or even dinner on the way back...we will be doing the touristy stuff and eating nearby...LegoLand, SeaWorld, Zoo, Wild Animal Park.

Any and all suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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  1. Eat the ribs at Sea World, and I like Miguels across the street from the Del for tasty and enjoyable not-authentic "Mexican" food.

    The food at Clayton's is just ok diner food, but good for early breakfast. If you wait too long, there's a unjustifiable queue out the door.

    One of San Diego's best beaches is not far west of the Del ; )

    1. Second Clayton's for breakfast. It's not quite as crowded during the week.

      Also check out Cafe 1134 for breakfast, Burger Lounge if you find yourself in Coronado for lunch or dinner, and be sure to take the kids to Moo Time Creamery for ice cream!

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        Thank you both...I had already checked out the menus for Miguels, Cafe 1134 and the Burger Lounge...and spotted Moo Time on my Google Earth trip down Orange Street. All look like great casual spots.

        The other restaurants that I've had my eyes on that seem to pop up on the threads here are Tartine, Brigantine (quite touristy?), Il Fornaio (sounds like a must for the view), Tent City...sounds like Peohe's is only the view and Il Fornaio instead?

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          The Brig is good for happy hour - good deals on fish tacos. Not the very best San Diego has to offer but decent and the price is right. Can't speak for Tartine and Tent City, but definitely Il Fornaio over Peohe's. Peohe's used to be pretty good when they first opened, but the place has gone downhill in both quality and ambiance over the years.

      2. Agree with Phee about The Brig and fish tacos (which are kind of a "must do" in SD. Il Fornaio is decent Italian (chain) with a killer view, or try Sapori around the corner on Orange Avenue for better food and less of a view. Village Pizzeria is very popular with local families, less so Tent City...really not worth the time. Tartine is a cute bistro/bakery across from the ferry landing, I think it is ok for sandwiches, quiche or salad, but the bistro dinner fare is less successful. We also enjoy Miguel's and Burger Lounge. Highly recommend Leroy's Lounge, lot's of local produce used, very reasonably priced, funky local atmosphere and kid friendly despite the name. Take advantage of your hotel - Sheerwater is a great place for breakfast (especially when it is more quiet during the week), relax on the outdoor, pacific view patio and watch the hawk wranglers put the birds through their paces in front of you on The Windsor Court Lawn (the newest attempt at keeping the greedy, food-stealing seagulls at bay). If you are in a rush in the mornings, there is a coffee stand downstairs in the Hotel between Sheerwater Restaurant and Babcock and Story that sells good Latte's, juice, a wide variety of pastries and fruit/yogurt parfaits. Have fun.

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        1. re: foodiechick

          Great to hear the nice things about the on-premise dining. I figure that from sheer laziness and/or exhaustion we will end up hitting Sheerwater/1500 Ocean more than once...good to know that they are worth the time.

          Continued reading about Tartine seems to confirm your take...probably a nice light meal for my wife and I...not so much a dinner for 4 with the kids. I think we will need to do Il Fornaio simply for the view...if the food better than much the better. I keep seeing Leroy's pop looks cool but I can't get the darn menu to load...just a spinning circle.

          Breakfast watching the hawks sounds fantastic...the kids (and us) will get a kick out of that! While we are going to do all the family/touristy things...we tried to book enough days so that we can have some chilled out beach/pool days too.