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Jul 28, 2012 10:29 AM

Finally something to eat in Mojave - Stoken' Donuts

Why the apostrophe? I have no idea but I saw a sign on highway 14 in Mojave that said "Donuts" so I followed the arrow and made a right turn.

Stoken' Donuts is inside of what used to be the Kern County, Mojave Branch, Free Library. They've got donuts but they also have sandwiches and I opted for an egg salad variety. Nice sandwich with a pickle. Way better than other Mojave options, and I've been through here a lot over the years. Stoken' also has ice cream and make shakes if you fancy that sort of thing.

It's a local snack and sandwich shop, is what it is. This will be my new go-to stop when I'm driving through Mojave.

No, you won't find a 99-cent burger here but you'll enter a piece of history and Jim Stokes will treat you right!

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  1. We found another surprise in Mojave on the way out of town heading north to Hwy 395 - a burger type shack with a huge neon sign with someone's name on it -- very credible choices, including a greek gyro. I believe this might have been "Mike's Roadhouse Cafe" but a check just now showed it might be closed or had a change of ownership. It looked like a family run operation - father to son.

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      I'll have a look. Mike's is a small local chain. It looks good from the outside and on the inside, the trademark collection of pedal car toys is inspiring but the food was just awful. I tried it more than once, at more than one location.