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Jul 28, 2012 09:43 AM

Dinner and Breakfast in Monterey

My husband and I are looking for a fun casual place for dinner and breakfast while staying in Monterey. We'll be traveling with our two children ages 15 & 20.

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  1. Hi, you will need to repost this on the California Board to get a response. Monterey is actually outside of the Bay Area. I will say I always like the Monterey Fish House even though this will probably be removed, and there are plenty of families there.

    1. We had a good breakfast @ Wild Plum Cafe & Bakery

      1. Lou Lou's Griddle in the Middle-Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner-Municipal Wharf Number 2
        RG Burgers-Next to Trader Joe's- Lunch and Dinner.

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          +1 for Lou Lou's Griddle in the Middle. Very casual, funky, less touristy than other places (and small). The food is pretty basic. I didn't think they were open for dinner.

          What about the place near the aquarium--First Watch/Awakenings (I forget the current name)? I haven't eaten there in awhile but they have a similar restaurant in the Bay Area which is usually good.

          1. re: alwayshungrygal

            Their says they are open for dinner weds thru sun. First Awakenings is always good. In downtown Monterey there is Old Monterey Cafe (breakfast only) and Rosines. If staying on North Fremont try Mundos Cafe-2233 Fremont.. Open 7A-6P. Haven't tried them for breakfast but their sandwiches are SO GOOD!

        2. Hula's for dinner and First Awakenings for breakfast, the ultimate combo!