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Jul 28, 2012 09:22 AM

First time in Milwaukee 1 lunch and 1 dinner,only.

My wife and I are staying one day and night,and this is our first time in Milwaukee. We want to take 1 beer factory tour,go to a museum in the mid afternoon and go to the Brewers game Monday night ,July 30th. Looking for restaurants that have good dairy related food or Fish in the $10-$20 entree range. Staying in West Milwaukee and we have a car.

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  1. For seafood in the suburbs west of Milwaukee, consider Mitchell's Fish Market in Brookfield.

    I also suggest checking out the recommendations in this topic:

    What is the Milwaukee Experience? -

    1. I'd recommend Lakefront Brewery for your tour. They do a nice job there, plus it's in a great location by the river. If you really want the "big brewery" experience, you could always go to Miller, but I think Lakefront is more fun.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "good dairy related food", but personally, I try to avoid chains when we travel, especially if we have the same restaurants at home. For seafood, you might try Meritage in Wauwatosa. Or if you want to go downtown, we really like Triskele's, and they usually have some kind of seafood on their seasonal menu.

      Hope you enjoy Milwaukee.