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Jul 28, 2012 08:06 AM

The Red Cat or Cookshop for mid-week lunch in Chelsea

My head is clogged with reviews, menus and blogs.

Looking for some new guidance.

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  1. Neither: Trestle on Tenth

    Though I do like TRC over CS.

    1. Neither.

      If you like Spanish tapas, go to Txikito, Tia Pol or El Qinto Pino.
      Also like Trestle on Tenth.

        1. re: mahler5

          Am leaning more towards Red Cat. WHY do people not care for Cookshop, it's well regarded in other places.

          1. re: Eujeanie

            I found Cookshop to seem more ambitious on their menu than the dishes actually turned out. Red Cat I found to be solid, so I would pick it over Cookshop, but it was by no means a home run.
            I would also pick Txikito over either of them. If you decide to go there, the lamb meatballs are a must.

            1. re: orthorunner

              I found Cookshop to seem more ambitious on their menu than the dishes actually turned out.

              This is exactly the type of info I was looking for. And while I do appreciate all the "other" suggestions, we are OD'ing on ethnic choices this trip, so just wanted some solid light appetizers to tide us over between our huge breakfasts and enormous dinners. Sometimes on vacation your eyes can be way bigger than your stomach.

              1. re: Eujeanie

                cookshop really isnt a chowhound-y sort of place. its perfectly fine but the food quite basic. i think over time, cookshop toned down their emphasis on food and just were content to have tourists come in from the highline and for people to eat brunch at their restaurant.

                i was always bored by the food at red cat but ive had some pleasant lunches there...mainly due to a client living nearby.

                im a fan of txikito as well but lunch is pretty empty if i recall.

            2. re: Eujeanie

              Cookshop is my favorite brunch in the neighborhood, but I have not been wowed by my dinners there.