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Jul 28, 2012 07:53 AM

How to dress up Trader Joe's rice orzo pilaf?

I have a box of Trader Joes rice orzo pilaf which looks suspiciously like Rice A Roni. Is there anything I can do to jazz it up? Or should I just make the barley I have on hand that is always delicious? (If you have great barley recipes - as a side, not in soup - I'll take those too!!)

Thanks Chowsters!!

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  1. add scallions and pumpkin seeds to the orzo pilaf - or toasted sliced almonds and dried cranberries.

    1. fresh herbs and/or crumbled feta or chevre and a squeeze of lemon juice. find any grain salad recipe that suits you and use the barley in place of whatever grain is called for --quinoa, tabouleh, rice, etc.

      1. Add whatever you like in rice pilaf. I usually sauté an onion and may toss in whatever's handy and small.

        1. Orzo, like most pasta, is a blank slate. I ADORE the stuff & make it frequently. Just take in mind what you'll be serving it with & take it from there.

          I've dressed it with diced wild mushrooms & truffle oil; fresh chopped oregano & freshly-grated parmesan cheese; chopped Kalamato olives, oregano, & crumbled Feta.

          The world is your oyster with Orzo.

          1. I wound up sauteing some shallots and porcinis and tossing them in there. It's actually a good, quick rice side from Trader Joe's.

            My dining partner and I ate nearly all of it in one sitting.