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Jul 28, 2012 07:46 AM

What to do with beautiful thin pork chops??

I have these thin, boneless pork chops. I have a recipe for plum chutney that I want to prep and have on the side for them. (this month's BA!) But how could I prep the chops? I was thinking pan fried? But would love to have some juice to go over a starch.

I welcome any and all suggestions! :)

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  1. One of my favorite ways is toss in flour, cook quickly in butter and peanut oil, a splash of tart white wine and a little fresh sage. We did it the other night with rice. We had some fresh mango habanero salsa that ended up on the plate too. The mixture was tasty.

    1. Some of the best pork chops I come across are the thin ones that are served in Spain. The chefs there do nothing more than pan fry. When you've got good ingredients, it's a crime to do other than cook them simply and let their flavours come through.

      1. Panko crusted or breaded and pan fried as schnitzel. Might need to pound them even thinner. A lemon caper sauce with chopped egg is delicious and traditonal

        If you scroll down a bit on this page you'll find lots of ideas for sauce/topping for this kind of preparation. IMO you can't go wrong with any of them!

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        1. I like to dredge in flour and pan fry then deglaze with lemon zest, lemon juice & either white wine or broth.....Love the fresh lemon taste with the pork....

          1. Schnitzle-esque... for the sauce, use some white wine to deglaze, and warm the chutney in the pan. Then pour sauce over some simple rice, jasmine or basmati. But, you probably did this last night, eh?