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Jul 28, 2012 06:12 AM

Freshly Baked Pita Bread!

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a bakery in GTA where one can buy freshly-baked pita bread? When I was a little girl (a "few" years ago) I lived in Scarborough. A favourite (late) auntie who was Lebanese used to go to a bakery on Saturday mornings to purchase freshly-baked pita bread and bring it to our house for lunch. It was the closest thing to culinary heaven a young kid like me (in the 60's) had the chance to enjoy! She would never share the location of this place until she was very elderly; and when I went to the exact address, there was a fast-food outlet that shall go nameless. How disheartening...

I just can't abide the pita bread in the grocery store; it is usually dry, or pretty much on it's way to being dry. Also, there are too many servings in the packages; so one can never eat their way through the whole package.

Any suggestions (in the west part of GTA especially) would be greatly appreciated! Also, if any of these bakeries make a gluten-free pita bread that would be even better as I have been newly-diagnosed as having celiac disease and I am trying to follow a gluten-free diet.


Kitty =^^=

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    1. Yes. Arz Bakery on Lawrence East. Still the best pita that I have had anywhere, even though they changed their flour some years ago to make the pita more elastic. The white probably will be still warm. The whole wheat is baked I think three times a week.
      While in the area go a bit east to al Tanoor ( south side, across from the big Wadi supermarket) and have a chicken shawarrma on a samoun (bun) They bake their own buns and laffas. Best shawarma that I have had. Ask for a bit of the amba (curry) sauce . It is delicious and I don't like curry. $3 only!
      Arz is Armenian Lebanese; al Tanoor is Iraqui.

      1. I get mine from Town and Country Market or Paramount on Crestlawn across from the Gateway postal facility in Mississauga. No clue about gluten-free--sorry!

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          I've also had good luck with fresh-baked pita at the aforementioned Sababa (on Steeles Ave. W. between Yonge St. and Bathurst St.) and, in the east end, at the also-mentioned Arz. Seems to me the pitas at both places come in packs of six, so if you want to finish them off quickly and while still fresh, you'd better have a few friends over. The dips at Sababa are also pretty good at Sababa's retail outlet. Don't know about gluten-free, though.

          1. re: juno

            The pita at Sababa is very good, and the sesame pita re worth a try as well. I agree that the dips are good, especially the Turkish dip which has a nice spicy bite to it.
            While you are there, grab a falafel. Its a reasonably priced and is very good.
            I recall getting pita at Ararat Bakery on Avenue Road many years ago. Dont know if thye still bake them in house.

        2. Pita Bros sells them direct from their production facility on Chesswood, in North York. $1 a bag (4 or 5 per bag). Great pocket style pitas.

          Fresh and Wild actually makes their own pitas. They're pretty good. They are the flat variety, not pocket style.

          Not sure about gluten free, sorry :(