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Jul 28, 2012 05:53 AM

Winooski, Hero islands

Vacation in the Hero islands next week, looking for farmers markets, as we're knda camping- but would like to dine out once or twice. been going up there for years so the area is familar. Wev'e been to Juniors and Sneekers , Bove's and that incredible Cheese traders in Burlington,amongst others.
Any updates especially new and ethnic would be great..

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  1. There is a food truck that typically parks in Winooski a few times a week that is incredible. It's called Misery Loves Co. and they are putting out some great food, with the best fries in the area. You can usually find a picnic table in front of the Champlain Mill to nosh. It's best to check their Facebook as they will post the day's menu there.

    1. There are a lot of new ethnic grocers in the area, as well. I'm not sure of all the specifics. I enjoy the Eastern European grocer by Costco. :)

        1. A bit late, I know, but thought of this thread from your response in the "Breakfast in Burlington? (VT)" thread.
          Theres the North Hero House, on Route 2, about 3 miles north of the Knight Point bridge (3 miles north of South Hero Island).

          I never ate here, but did stop in for drinks a few times. The place looks good, maybe others can yea or nay the dining room?

          Shore Acres (about a mile north of the bridge) also looks interesting. Again, haven't eaten here.

          Both places might not be cutting edge, but a much shorter drive than Burlington.