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Jul 28, 2012 04:08 AM

Best coffee (and light brunch) with outdoor seating?

Where should I go for a top-notch espresso with outdoor seating? Must also have some kind of good food, full menu is not necessary, good pastries OK.

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  1. You could do a combination of Voltage for Espresso and Tatte for Pastries. Both have outdoor seating.

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    1. re: Matt H

      I was going to suggest the same thing. Can also grab the food and head to the roof top garden or a bench along the river.

      Also in the Kendall Area there is Area Four. And sticking to Cambridge I can't remember how their coffee is, but Sofra has good food and outdoor seating.

      1. re: viperlush

        I think the espresso at Sofra is pretty crappy, though the food is certainly excellent. I was just at Bloc 11 today, and they now have a very nice outdoor patio. I like the food there, and they do coffee well.

    2. i go to sonsie on sunday mornings; the espresso is good if not great. the regular coffee was good but has gone down-hill. Sitting and watching people pass by on Newbury Street is great fun. You can also eat outside at the Trident; I think that the coffee is a bit better. But my recommendation is all about sitting on newbury street and less about what you can eat.

      1. I'm about to go to my farmer's market for coffee and pastry. I wish they had espresso.

        1. Probably too late for today, but Area Four has terrific Barrington espresso and a very nice brunch. They have a few outdoor tables but there's nothing particularly scenic about the area.

          1. Crema in Harvard Square fits the bill.