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Jul 27, 2012 09:36 PM


OK, I'm officially done now with Luke. This service issue they keep having has clearly not been addressed. You'd have thought they'd never had a large crowd on a Friday before. Shockingly bad service: botched orders, orders forgotten, large lapses in between courses. The refrain you heard all night was "I'm sorry about..." (fill in the issue). Too bad, because the food is largely successful, but I don't need this aggravation any more.

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  1. From what I hear, Luke has *incredibly* high turnover, which would account for no one remembering what things are like on a busy Friday night. It's a management issue- when places are constantly hiring help, there's always something off about the experience. I wish more places treated their staff (both front and back of house) well, it makes all the difference in the dining experience in my opinion.

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      Agreed. I'm surprised that Besh would have two restaurants, Domenica and Luke, where it is not uncommon to have service issues. I'll go to Domenica either way, because I so love the pizzas and pastas, but Luke...may be a long time.

      1. re: sanglier

        Surprisingly, the service at Domenica has really improved over the last few months. We dined there Sat. (in a nearly full house) once again without any service issues.

        1. re: JazzyB

          I had a friend tell me that as well. That is nice to hear!

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            I have not seen Joey working there the last few times I wwent...anyone know if he is still there. Come to think of it I have not seen him in quite awhile but it might be bad luck. He's a good waiter.