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Jul 27, 2012 08:43 PM

Sunday Lunch on the UES - I Need Help, Please

I will be taking my 15 y/o daughter to the 92nd Street Y (Lex btwn 91st and 92nd) on Sunday for a 3 week summer program. She has to be there between 3 and 4 and so we thought we would go out to lunch before hand.

As we are not familiar with the neighborhood, we could use some recommendations. We are adventurous eaters (for example, her favorite vegetable is artichoke and she had tongue tacos for lunch today) so something unusual or "foreign" would be her first choice.

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated.


Missy and The Sprout

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  1. If you're willing to go to Park Avenue and 63rd Street, there is Psrk Avenue Summer.. It's a beautiful place to start a 3 week visit to NY and the food is quite good too..

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      Thank you for the recommendation.

      Park Avenue Summer looks lovely though I think it may be a bit too refined for Sunday. This will be the first time The Sprout will be away for home for so (?) long and Mr. Bean is having a hard with it. I think he would be more comfortable in a more casual environment.

    2. Szechuan Gourmet on 2nd Ave. and 71st St.

      1. Toloache's newish UES location is a short walk away.

        I've also heard good things about Beyoglu.

        1. Many more convenient places if you head over to Madison, including a couple of French bistros that have a nice variety of dishes, (artichokes!), and nice ambiance. I particularly like Le Paris and Pascalou on Madison between 92-93 Sts. Sfoglia, an upscale Italian on Lexington and 92 has an excellent lunch (prix fixe $28). This link will help, the only defunct one is Neka, no great loss:

          1. Nonna's Table? I haven't been but am planning to check it out today- looks fun and well-suited to the occasion. Also around the corner from the 92Y.