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Jul 27, 2012 08:22 PM

Comodo - new restaurant in Soho/W. Village

I was looking for Rouge et Blanc on Macdougal street and saw a restaurant that was pretty full and had no name on the outside. So I figured it was Rouge et Blanc. Then I picked up a menu at the podium and saw the place was called Comodo. The food is Latin American, mostly Ecuadorian and Peruvian I was told. I believe the chef is from Ecuador. The staff is all from Latin America.
It is their first week open. They can order wine for you from the liquor store. They offered Sangria, so I thought because they didn't have a liquor license it was complimentary but it was not free.
For an appetizer I had the ceviche of pollack , it was prepared very well. But according to my dinner partner, it didn't compare to the ceviche in Peru.
For a main course, we had scallops with chipotle and avocado sauce, it was very tasty, but the plate looked kind of sparse. 5 scallops surrounding some salad greens, for around $24.
We also had the Cochinita on a rice grit cake and spinach. The portion could have been bigger here too. But the slow cooked pork was excellent, with some pork skin served with it. The rice grit cake , i thought was undercooked white rice, so , now that i see it was a "rice grit cake" maybe that's how it is supposed to be. The spinach I thought was collard greens, and it was just about a tablespoon of it. The place is small, the A/C was not working too well, so they had a fan blowing too. I think the place has potential, and the more feed back they get , certain improvements can be made. The staff was very attentive and very friendly. I will come back in a few weeks.

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  1. they just opened this week, evolution of Worth Kitchen, website w/video:

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      I really enjoyed that video and the story that goes along with the restaurant. The restaurant atmosphere is friendly like that of the chef's home. It seemed many of his diners at the restaurant were friends of his. The food and portions he cooked at home seemed nicer than those I had at Comodo. However, as I said, this place has a lot of potential and I will surely be back.

    2. Went here on Saturday against my better judgment of going to such a new place and was not impressed. Best thing I had was the ceviche, which of course wasn't as good as those in Peru, but I have yet to find one in NYC that is, but on the whole had a good balance of flavors and really fresh fish. I did think the cochinita was tasty (but the plain white rice accompanying it was undercooked).

      The portions were a bit small all around (and my dining companions and I are all on the small side) and the presentations were so amateurish it looked like what an inexperienced home cook would put forth. My husband only got 4 small scallops so looks like you got one more than he did!

      The tres leches cake was OK as was the flourless chocolate cake but I don't know if we just got the last of the batch or what, but our chocolate cake was enough for each of the four of us to have one small bite. It was comical. We would have said something but we are generally unfussy diners plus our server was quite absent-minded and as such there was a huge gap between when starters were cleared and mains were served and between when mains were cleared and he asked if we wanted dessert (we're talking 45 minutes in between when mains were cleared and he asked if we wanted dessert). We tried making eye contact a few times but he seemed preoccupied with several credit cards. Usually I give places the benefit of the doubt when they've just opened but this menu didn't excite me enough that I am dying to return anytime soon.