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Jul 27, 2012 07:35 PM

Solerno Liqueur?

I will be visiting Vancouver next week, and am wondering if there is a liquor store that stocks "Solerno". It is an Italian (from Sicily) blood orange liqueur. Our ubiquitous Ontario monopoly, the LCBO, does not carry it.

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  1. here is the official product catalogue of our BC liquor control board (like lcbo except we don't get those airmiles for buying stuff)


    note that you cannot count on every product in every store - it is best to call well ahead and ask them to put it on their order - many of the bc gov't stores will do that for you.

    i don't know the regs for the private liquor stores out here in BC --- but maybe someone else on Chow does.

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      If a product is listed by the BCL, it makes things relatively easy for a consumer to pick up a bottle. However, private stores, in an effort to differentiate themselves, will often carry a large selection of "spec" product, which are products that the BCL does not retail themselves, but they are still imported into the province. Most of the more high end liquor retailers like Legacy. Kits Wine, Liberty, Marquis and Firefly have large spec inventories. Spec products still have to go through the government process here though. As the BCL does not retail spec, retailers, restaurants are required to buy spec items by the case. If you know the product numbers, you can even order spec products through the BCL as a private customer, but you also have to buy it by the case.

      All of this said, I have never seen Solerno in BC. Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer or even the American agent and see if there is an importer in Canada. From there, see which provinces they operate in. The Alberta Liquor inventory site, liquorconnect.com does not show any hits either, so my guess is Solerno is not being imported to Canada.