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Jul 27, 2012 07:06 PM

Chef's table in Pittsburgh?

Looking for recommendations on a good, interesting meal in Pittsburgh. Good wine line key, cost not a primary objective. My main client was recently married, and want to take her and her wine-loving husband out to dinner. I'm probably more of a foodie than they are, but they'll go along with me, I'm convinced.

I haven't done much fine dining in PIT, so not quite sure what I'm looking for. I read the review of Eleven's chef's table, but it didn't terribly excite me. I've eaten there 4-5 times and found it good, but not wow. I've eaten at quite a few places downtown, with the probable exception of Nine on Nine (although I walk by

For a point of reference, the new husband loves Lidia's, and is a regular there. Her favorite is Capital Grill. I want to mix them up more than a little bit.

I'm thinking maybe Salt of the Earth, but beyond that really have no clue. Thanks!

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  1. Go with your first instinct...You won't go wrong with Salt! That said, my next favorite is Nine on Nine. Another idea might be Montery Bay on Mt. Washington. The food is not quite as inventive as Salt, but the view really makes for a memorable evening.

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      I totally agree with Burghfeeder regarding Salt. It is always my suggestion for the type of event described in the OP.

    2. Salt doesn't do tastings AFAIK, though it would be easy enough to sort of make your own.

      Spoon has a 5 course tasting hat would likely appeal to everyone's tastes. Tamari also offers a Chef's tasting menu.

      Given your preferences, I would lean towards Spoon.

      1. How about Cure in Upper Lawrenceville? It is BYOB so you could take wine that interests you! Food is delicious...and though the menu is small...It changes frequently and has something for everyone.

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          Cure offers a family style tasting that's very, very reasonably priced, and Severino is a hell of a chef. That said, it's a bit more casual than Spoon, which also has an extensive wine list (saving the host the trouble of pairing when he's not sure what they'll be having)

        2. We're headed to Salt of the Earth. I'll report back soon! (although I do want to check out Cure, and glad to hear that it's more casual)

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            looking forward to your report! Just saw this on the site "Chef’s Tasting menus available Mon-Wed evenings with one week’s advance reservation."

          2. I've only been there once, but was amazed at the wine selection at Bar Marco in the Strip. Coupled with a very tasty appetizer and entree list, I really enjoyed my evening there.