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Jul 27, 2012 06:30 PM

Restaurants near Sky Harbor Airport

We are staying at the Double Tree hotel near Sky harbor airport this sunday. Looking for a decent fine dining place near the hotel. We are usually into fish and chicken, but the occasional prime rib dinner is also to our liking.

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  1. One possibility is Top of the Rock at the Buttes resort, a few miles away on the I-10. It has a great view.!h...

    Other than restaurants in the hotels, there is not much in the airport vicinity.

    1. Closest decent place to the hotel is Stockyards just down the street on Washington. Old school steakhouse and pretty good, other chophouse option besides steak. There's also good Italian a couple blocks away at Avanti, decors a little dated, but it's good food. Best might be a cab up to Indian School or Camelback area and hit Beckett's Table, Tarbells, NOCA, or one of the other restaurants in those neighborhoods. Seafood in that area is harder, not much close. The Belvedere Restaraunt in the hotel is serviceable, but nothing special.

      1. If proximity to that hotel is key, I'd say the Stockyards for sure. Good local color & history to go with your occasional prime rib indulgence. It's a bit too far to walk from the hotel, especially in the summer heat, but I wouldn't be surprised if the hotel might be willing to take you there via their shuttle. I'm not clear from your post if you'll have a rental car.

        1. Top of the Rock at the Buttes is a good call.
          House of Tricks in Tempe or Durant's downtown PHX is my fave.