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Jul 27, 2012 05:42 PM

Eggroll Paradise - New Cambodian in Lancaster

Wow! What a great surprise! Just got takeout from here and I'm impressed. Vegetable (eggplant and sweet potato) curry stew with chicken was outstanding and the eggrolls were great, especially the original and the vegetable. I don't have much experience with Cambodian cuisine, but Thai and Vietnamese are practically a religion to me and I can tell that this place is the real deal.

Anyone else have dishes to recommend here? So happy to have this place in Lancaster. I can't wait to explore the menu.

The menu they have in the restaurant is slightly different than the one online. And be warned, it is take out only. There are a couple of tables outside, but you won't want to eat there.

Don't let the name fool you. It's much more than just eggrolls.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up ahab. I just looked at their menu and would love to go there soon. My husband and I love Rice & Noodles in Lancaster so now we have another reason to visit.

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      Rice & Noodles is one of our favorites. I think you'll be impressed with Khom's Eggroll Paradise. We loved the curry stew. I've read good things about the beef stews. Next visit, which will be soon, I think we'll try one of them.

      If you like Vietnamese bun, you may like their sweet and sour noodles. Kind of the same idea, but with the addition of coconut cream, and less vegetables. My wife loved it. I could appreciate it, but bun has never really gotten me excited.

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        Is Rice & Noodles primarily a take-out restaurant, or is there a seating area?

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          We've never gotten take-out at Rice and Noodles, only eaten in. Just be prepared to wait if you hit it during the lunch rush.

          My husband and I just recently drove past Eggroll Paradise and I couldn't help but call out, "did you SEE that???" LOL! So glad to see they got a good report, can't wait to try it out!