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Jul 27, 2012 04:49 PM

Birthday dinner options - maybe prix fixe?

Looking for a great place to take the girlfriend for her upcoming birthday. For her last birthday we went to Son of A Gun, and for mine we went to Lukshon. Had great meals at both.

I was thinking about WP24 but I keep reading mixed reviews. I was impressed by the food & drinks in the lounge the one time I was there. I looked up the menu online and the prix fixe options sound pretty good. Worth it?

What are some other great prix fixe options in LA? Looking for somewhere good and delicious. Price is a concern but looking to splurge a little...let's say around $150-300?

Any type of food goes. And feel free to suggest places that aren't necessarily prix fixe. Is Red Medicine a good birthday dinner option? Maybe Hatfield's?

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  1. So many people love the food at Red Medicine (including my wife and me). They evidently will do a tasting menu if you call and set it up (scroll down to the last 3 posts in this thread to read about it ) and there is always Saam at the Bazaar or how about Rivera downtown?

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      I agree with Red Medicine. If you liked'll LOVE Red Medicine.

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        Red Medicine is definitely a top contender right now. I'll call and ask about a tasting menu. Thanks for the suggestions!