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Jul 27, 2012 03:11 PM

Best Pubs in London: Chowhound Lists

We've starting a new series called Chowhound Lists, and in advance of the Olympics, I wrote a post about pubs in London. Here's a link:

The idea behind this is to create a guide to specific foods in specific cities, based on Chowhound posts. Ideally, these can be a resource for local hounds as well as visitors. Our thinking is that the lists do not have to be static—they can be revisited and updated when it's warranted. Think of them as a snapshot of what Chowhounds are talking about.

If people want to discuss things missing from this list, feel free to do that here!

Keep in mind that this list is limited to London pubs within Zones 1 and 2. I also only took suggestions of places that have been mentioned in recent threads (from 2012


Dave MP

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  1. The Dog and Bell near Deptford Dockyard is about as old school London pub as it gets, but it has a number of interest modern concessions. The kitchen actually puts out good food including Sunday roasts for a largely local client base of Deptford Irish which is increasingly dotted with random local hipsters. Good list of British ales which changes constantly and a huge seemingly hidden selection of Belgian beers. Just ask for the Belgian beer menu. They've got an an extremely old (but functioning) bar billiards table which is rare to come across in London. Fun, ridiculously cheap and friendly. They do pub quiz and virtually every other stereotypical pub related activity all within a friendly and informal atmosphere (last call consists of a bell followed by the bartender walking around the whole place including the smoking section to see if anyone wants another pint.)

    The Champion on Eastcastle St is quite an nice pub with lovely stained glass windows telling the stories of various British athletes and soldiers. It's near Oxford Circus, but it's surprisingly cheap as its a Sammy Smith's pub.

    The White Horse in Fulham is very high end, but the beer list is amongst the best you'll find anywhere in London. Loads of high quality American microbrews and one of the largest and highest quality selections of IPAs anywhere in London. Great pork scratching. Beautiful view of Parsons Green though it has been insanely crowded since it got warm.

    Indo's not a pub per se, but it's a fun bar directly opposite East London mosque. Again, a decent selection of British microbrews and American microbrews. Friendly bar staff and a lot of regulars.

    I don't know if this is actually something that you'd want to add to a list, but if you want a truly legitimate multicultural British pub which has maintained a solid customer base for decades then go to the Duke of Edinburgh near Upton Park tube. It's my local pub and I go there pretty often. Extremely friendly for a "hard" East End pub and the regulars cover countless countries and professions. Very very very high level pool players are always on the tables. Not exactly a destination pub, but it's an experience if you're in the area for something Olympic related.

    I just saw your recommendation for Euston Tap and Cider Tap. I'd second that. Amazing beer list, but they desperately need to expand their seating area.

    If I continue listing places they'll generally veer closer to the Duke of Edinburgh than the White Horse as those are the sort of places I enjoy going to. I'll keep going if you'd like.

    All of the above are Zones 1-2 except the Duke of Edinburgh. The only only truly remarkable place on that list which definitely deserves a more extensive write up on CHOW is probably the Dog and Bell. I need to double check the name to be 100% sure.

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    1. re: JFores

      Isn't Euston Tap the place that's run by the American who won Masterchef last year?

      1. re: Harters

        No idea. It's a clever use of the two block like buildings outside of Euston station though. The only problem is that when it's crowded (and given the size of the downstairs bar I would say it takes about 5 people to make it feel crowded) it can be a nightmare to walk through. Forget ordering.

        Good beer list though.

        1. re: JFores

          other good pubs for beer... jolly butchers in stoke newington & the newly re-done cock tavern on mare st (from the same owners as southampton arms i believe)

        2. re: Harters

          Harters - No, it's run by the owners of (amongst other places) the Sheffield Tap -

          IMO, any list of London's top pubs should include at least one offering from EC1. It is one of the cities best areas for drinking. I'd suggest either The Gunmakers, 13 Eyre Street Hill, The Jerusalem Tavern, 55 Britton Street, or The Craft Beer Co., 82 Leather Lane.

          Another venue that should also be considered is The Craft Beer Company's sister pub Cask in Pimlico ( In the last couple of years it has come into its own as one of the most outstanding pubs in London. Mind blowing beer selection regularly including the likes of Dark Star, Thornbridge, Brew Dog, Mikkeller and De Molen on draught.