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Jul 27, 2012 02:35 PM

La Quinta help

Hey all. We'll be heading to the La Quinta Resort this coming week for a few nights and wanted some recs for a birthday dinner on Tuesday. We are staying at La Quinta, have a car, and are willing to drive but would like to keep it fairly local. I've seen quite a few recs in Palm Springs and I think that would just about be the furthest we'd want to go. We have a DD among us, so that's not a big deal but we don't really want to drive a super long way either.

I've looked at Trio, Spencer's, Le Vallauris, and Tinto which all look great. But I was wondering if there are any other ( just as good ) options closer to the resort. We will be dining at Morgan's on Monday night as they are closed on Tues.

Preferences would be something New American-ish ( but not hard set on that ) and price isn't really a concern. My favorite meals tend to be tasting menu-type with exotic ( but tasty ) ingredients. Sushi is out, no recs for that please.

Lets have it - what do you think? Are the Palm Springs restaurants the best options or are there 'just-as-good' places actually in/around La Quinta?

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  1. Having stayed at the La Quinta Resort several times, and having stayed with friends in Palm Springs more than that, it's a shame that Morgan's isn't open on Tuesday nights - it's by far the best place you mentioned. After that, hmmm, hard to say, I think the food is about equal at all of them and the atmosphere I want would be the deciding factor for me. Spencer's is the fanciest, Trio is pretty casual, the others are sort of in-between. I wouldn't actually drive to Palm Springs for the purpose of going to any of them.

    A lot closer to La Quinta, the food's not particularly great at The Cliffhouse, but it's been there a long time and is sort of a funny place to go: LG's Prime Steakhouse has better steak, pretty good steak even, but is pricy. It is even closer to the Resort: