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Jul 27, 2012 02:03 PM

Atlanta Chowhound looking to snag dinner before a redeye home

Hi fellow Chowhounds-

I'm in town on business and have the unfortunate luck of taking a redeye back to Atlanta tonight. I'm looking for recommendations on quick, easy, delicious places to eat near the airport, or on the way from Torrey Pines area to the airport, before I catch my flight tonight.

I'll be by myself and will still have my rental car, so this would ideally be a place where I can find easy parking, walk right in, sit at the bar, and have some great food. Obviously not looking for a dining "experience," as I'll have to be outta there and on my way to the airport. Also, looking to catch some zz's on the trip, so a huge 3-course meal might not bode too well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    1. Tender Greens at Liberty Station is right around the corner from the airport. It's fast and immediate service. You can have a flank steak sandwich on ciabatta bread with a side salad of butter lettuce and tarragon flavored dressing or caesar salad for under $11. They also have chitpotle BBQ'd chicken you can have with mashed potatoes and side salad. Very tasty. They have wine and beer but no bar. Also in Liberty Station is Sammy's Woodfired Pizza (I never eaten at that one but the other one's have a bar you can sit and eat at) a mediterranean place, a Hawaiian place and a couple of other restaurants. Easy parking (free).

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