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Jul 27, 2012 01:50 PM

What's good near Lower Queen Anne?

Howdy, hounds.

I've been doing a ton of research here for my upcoming trip to Seattle, and I've found some great looking places. I can't wait to dine in your fair city! What I haven't found is anything right near my hotel (the Mediterranean) in Lower Queen Anne. Well, I found Toulouse Petit, but that seems to be about it. I know that area isn't exactly a foodie mecca, but is there anything else? Any and all help appreciated.

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  1. MrZ,

    There are a few places, but you might have to walk a bit (or cab, or zip a mile in your car).

    Crow is nice, on the Eastern edge of LQA; great happy hour and small plates. Nice room.

    You are just a good stroll down to the weird (just a funny triangular corner of busy streets) edge between Belltown and LQA to eat at the VERY good Boat Street Cafe. Best to walk here, as parking is kind of tricky. Very french-ish locavore place. Don't miss the house-made pickles veggies. Can highly recommend pate's and roasted fish there. If you combined this with a sunset walk in the Olympic Sculpture park, you would be very,very happy:)

    Up top of QA, I am hearing very good things about 5 Hooks Fish Grill; HH pricing is supposed to be good. Newish, and I hear that early service issues are mostly worked out.

    Also on UQA, is HOw to Cook a Wolf. Probably the smallest Ethan Stowell place (it's a romantic postage stamp with a nice clean decor, really), is very good if you can reserve a table. You should eat at one of his places while in town.

    And DO eat at Toulouse for the weekday breakfast deal. BEST deal in town if you can do it! And creative good food!

    My 5 cents worth:)

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      Shelley's hit most of my points about Boat Street other than:
      - Hard to spot: You have to walk down off the street to really find the restaurant, though they'll have signage. Well worth the slight effort, though... absolutely terrific food.
      - Also a decent spot for a few oysters and a glass of beer or wine while you unwind.
      - ... and: No, really... try the pickles plate. It's like nothing else I've ever encountered, and is a real highlight of local Seattle foodery.

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        Glad the service is better at 5 Hooks; my fried seafood platter there was inedible, so I'm reluctant to try again.

      2. The happy hour offerings at Toulouse Petit (in the bar only) are fun with food.

        1. Crow, or go up the Hill to Betty, its sister restaurant. I really love Betty as a neighborhood place with good cocktails and "standards" with a twist. It's not the most innovative, but it doesn't try to be. I particularly like to sit at the food bar. Also on the top of QA is Mezcaleria, sister to Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard. Both are good variants on real Mex. I second How to Cook a Wolf. On lower QA, Tup Tim Thai is great, if low atmosphere.

          1. Nielsen's Danish Pastries is a great place for good Danish style pastry. They are famous for the potato which is cream filled and rolled in cocoa so it looks potato-esque. The kringle and danish are also very good.

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            1. re: knowspicker

              Many Danes over many years have gotten their pastry at Nielsens

              1. re: knowspicker

                I've eaten a lot of desserts over the years but the Neilsen's potato is my absolute favorite. Before being rolled in cocoa, the top is covered with a marzipan-like blanket and the cream also has a bit of an almond flavor to it. It really is amazing.