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Jul 27, 2012 01:36 PM

Sonoma Plaza restaurant rec?

We are looking for a restaurant in the Sonoma Plaza (or walking distance) area and Harvest Moon was booked up. Any dinner recommendations, preferably something with entree options under $25? I was hesitant about Estate and The Girl and the Fig because I had a very unimpressive brunch at the girl and fig once.


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        1. re: karendor

          Wow a lot of love for this place! I'll suggest it to the group. Harvest Moon told me they could accommodate us after all - obviously very different menu, but how does that compare?

          1. re: silverlainy

            I have not been to La Salette, but I have been to Harvest Moon. The food is solid and competently done, and I do have high standards. It doesn't stand out in my memory in either a good or bad way. If you are coming from a major metropolitan area, and you want a memorable meal, this is not the place. But it is a comfortable place/menu.

    1. We're fond of La Salette but the food is on the heavy side when the temps are soaring. Last year we had a superb summer lunch outside on the back patio at Depot Hotel Restaurant, the pork tenderloin salad was new to the menu and absolutely amazing, perfect for a nice day. The fried mozzarella was so fresh it squished when I broke through the greaseless breading, and the housemade dried fruit compote served with the duck liver pate was a brilliant pairing.

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        I was surprised by your comment that the menu can be on the heavy side. I just checked and, while there are a few things that would fit that description, i.e., feijoada, most items aren't at all, at least IME. Link to menu: We usually do the tascas which is probably not logistically sensible for a group, but many other choices. We just can't pass up La Salette every time we're in Sonoma.

      2. I had dinner at Estate, which is 2 or 3 blocks west of the Plaza, earlier this year and thought it was very good. My wife & I had the prix-fixe dinner and thought it was a very good value as well.

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        1. re: DavidT

          Note that Estate Restaurant will close at the end of September. The property has been sold.

        2. We enjoy La Salette but it is not without flaws. We don't especially like the seafood stew, which we find too tart and too full of red bell peppers. The pork dish I got was served on such an overheated plate that the pork overcooked and became tough and dry.

          Their soups are excellent and the cod fritters are divine. We love La Salette's feijoda but like cassoulet, it is too heavy for hot weather. Overall the cooking at Depot Hotel was superior, even better than Cafe la Haye.

          Chris Jones of Girl & Fig and Estate left Sonoma summer 2011 and moved to Brix in Napa, where he is doing a superb job, especially with the canning and pickling of their garden's produce.

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          1. re: jaiko

            I have to completely disagree with jaiko regarding the Depot Hotel vs. Cafe La Haye. Our last meal at the Depot was bland, overcooked, and generally so 'meh' that we will not be returning, whereas I am continually surprised at how fresh, flavorful and creative the meals coming out of the tiny kitchen at Cafe la Haye continue to be.

            1. re: hazel1

              Interesting - we have not been back to Depot Hotel since May 2011 when we had a perfect lunch poolside, away from the tourists who were already crowding the Square. Our dinner at la Haye was very good but the roast chicken was a touch overcooked. Spouse & I split over liking the smoked trout starter, but hanger steak was excellent. Desserts sounded ordinary so we skipped those in favor of the fabulous Flying Goat cappuccinos, which were prepared properly 'dry'.

              Both Depot and Haye are on our list to try again, but we have been busy the last three Sonoma trips (we go midweek and stay 3-5 days) exploring the Hwy 101 corridor and some of the coastal restaurants.

              So many restaurants, so little time !!!

          2. We love both LaSalette and LaHaye. Very different, though. LaSalette for fish can't be beat, always very fresh and flavorful. LaHaye is small, and sometimes hard to get into.