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Jul 27, 2012 01:10 PM

Yahoo comments and Marcella Hazan

Yahoo has a Marcella Hazan recipe for tomato sauce posted on the home page. The comments are hilarious.

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  1. Hilarious but sad. It's obvious none of the commentators ever made this glorious sauce.

    More for me!!! :)

    1. Is this the one you mean?

      The "blasphemy" comments had me laughing.

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      1. re: BabsW

        "Sounds like some redneck..." Whoa, culinary ignorance must be bliss. I made Hazan's sauce last week for my fresh-picked eggplant for Eggplant Parmigiana and it was so delicious. People on that yahoo board might be wondering why chickens lay their eggs in plants.

      2. That Yahoo thread is indeed good reading... very, very funny.

        So many blowhards.

        But kudos to those who are pointing out the narrow-mindedness of some of the comments, and in particular to "RonM" for this comment:
        "LOL....a lot of 'Olive Garden' Italians commenting on things of which they know not. How in the hell did we as a society become so self delusional that we think we have all of the answers and, damn it, everybody else is wrong. Geeesh."

        Edit: In addition to the "blowhards" there are good comments from many people in addition to RonM in the Yahoo thread, and I didn't mean to "dis" them all... but still overall very amusing. Also interesting are the people who believe that fresh tomatoes are necessarily always better than canned (I wish that I lived where this is the case, rather than in New Jersey where we have great fresh tomatoes only July thru Sept).

        It's amazing how much of a storm of comments Yahoo can generate.

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        1. re: drongo

          "Who ever wrote this recipe was obviously not Italian and never tasted anything beyond Ketchup and Ragu. Butter, gimmie a break! All you need for a great basic sauce are just quality canned tomatos, a little sugar to balance the tartness, garlic, and good olive oil."


          1. re: TrishUntrapped

            That is a funny quote... "obviously not Italian" -- referring to someone born in Italy about whom Craig Claiborne wrote: "No one has ever done more to spread the gospel of pure Italian cookery in America"

            Many of the comments are a reflection of the common confusion about Italian-American red sauce relative to Italian cuisine.

            1. re: drongo

              I wonder though how many people have heard of Marcella Hazan outside of foodies? I think the average person is more familiar with Giada De Laurentiis than her.

        2. Pretty funny but in fairness, I probably would have thumbed my nose at this recipe too 5 years ago before I started appreciating good food. A lot of the commentators seem to believe you need to add a ton of stuff to a tomato sauce in order to make it taste good. Complex sauces are great but really, less is more when you are using top notch ingredients.

          1. What most of them fail to realize, this is what it is: tomato sauce. Not red gravy, or bolognese, or whatever.......... it's simply tomato sauce.
            I'm getting to the point where simple really is better. The taste of a good tomato is enough for me. Yes, at times I want a more complex sauce. Then, I would make something different.
            Going to farmer's market today, hope there are some good, local vendors with stuff. Would hope to find a tomato, maybe green ones. mmmmmmm..... fried. green. tomatoes.
            and just a thought, green tomato sauce....