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Jul 27, 2012 12:50 PM

Specialty & Gourmet Food Shop Gift Card Suggestions

We're going to a relative's wedding in Los Angeles at the end of next month. We bought cookware off the couple's gift registry but want to add a gift card to an area specialty or gourmet food shop to make it a little more personal. I don't know the couple very well, but as best as we can determine, they like to entertain and cook along a broad spectrum of cuisines. Any and all suggestions on where to get a gift card would be most welcome.

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  1. I wonder if La EspaƱola offers a gift card or certificate of some sort? I'd certainly be excited and grateful if someone gave me one from there.

    1. So kind! :) A wonderful place to get giftcards:

      * Lindy and Grundy
      * Surfas
      * Cookbook


      1. I would second Surfas and also add Penzey's, which has 2 locations in the area.