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Jul 27, 2012 11:58 AM

Harlan's Social, Stamford

They've posted their menus here:

This is in the space on the South side of the Fairway parking lot (on your left if facing the main entrance).

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  1. It just opened yesterday but curious to hear back once someone tries it

    1. Went to Harlan last night, thought it was good but not great. The hosts and waitstaff were awkward and shy. When I walked in they waited for me to approach them instead of greeting me and our waiter would not approach our table to take our order because we were talking...he said he didn't want to interrupt (a group of girls is not going to stop talking!). Anyways I would say the restaurant was half full when we arrived, the bar itself was smaller than I expected while the restaurant space is quite large.
      We ordered drinks which were fine, then waited maybe 20 mins until our waiter took our order. The prices on the menu are slightly below those of places in downtown Stamford but the portions are on the small side. No bread or anything is given. Salads looked like side salads. I had the flank steak which I thought was very salty, my freinds said their food was also salty. Aside from the salt the steak was tasty and I liked the mushrooms it came with. Pasta dishes are served in two sizes, appetizer portion and regular, the appetizer portion of ravioli came with two raviolis, not sure how many come with the dinner. The food was nicely presented and everything was very fresh, I would say we all enjoyed our dinners. I thought it was fine but I'm not rushing back.
      We also thought that being a new restaurant they should have been trying to promote the food a little better, like maybe a complimentary appetizer or something? There were no perks or specials.
      I think it will be a good spot for business lunches given all the companies that have opened offices near there. On a side note I had not been over to Fairway in a while and wow that strip mall next to it has really changed. Next to Harlan is Le Pain Quotidien and Robeks.

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        Thanks for the review! Sounds like it's worth a try but I shouldn't expect too much. It's true that strip mall has changed - and Fairway is amazing!

      2. Been only for drinks and they serve them in Mason jars which is akward. I have heard one good review on the shrimp tempura and salmon. Talked to a few other people who said the food was "fair at best" except the burger which was really good.