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Jul 27, 2012 11:42 AM

Looking for new ideas for lobster meat (North East Lobsters)

Went to a charity clam bake this week. When it was over, I was talking to the cooking staff about the amount of lobster they just dump in the trash when it was over. I asked if I could have some of the stuff they were just dumping in the trash. They gave me nine boiled lobters. I took them home and shucked the meat. I would say I got about 1 1/2 - 2 pounds of meat. When I have lobster meat on hand, I usually make Lobster Salad, Lobster Pie, or Lobster Alfredo. I love all these dishes but, I was looking for something new. Any ideas on what I could make?

Thank You.


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  1. I personally enjoy lobster cakes and with that much meat, you could make the kind with very little filler or binding required.

    My wife loves lobster risotto. Instead of vegetable or chicken stock, use seafood stock. If you have leftovers, roll them into balls, batter them, and you have lobster croquettes and high end classy ones at that!

    1. If somebody gave me none lobsters, I'd very grateful since they are still expensive here in the West.

      When I got some affordable lobster I made lobster bisque. "Better than Bullion" makes a lobster stock IIRC.

      You can also make rolled sushi very easily! With some lobster, sushi rice, and nori you have lots of options. I'd add tobiko, personally. A little mayo mixed with sirracha would add some zing.

      A lobster omelet would make a great breakfast treat.

      1. Here's a wicked easy variation on lobster salad you've probably never tried: mix some lobster meat with some dijon mustard, fresh lemon or lime juice and chopped fresh dill. It's way different from the regular version.

        1. Dublin Lawyer. Heat some butter in pan, add lobster and flame with Jameson's Irish Whiskey. Take out lobster keep warm. Add cream fraiche to pan and make into sauce. Return lobster for a moment. Serve with a little watercress. Wonderful. (But for some reason it does not translate as pasta sauce in case you were wondering.)

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            ...and a Pint of Murphy's on the side.

          2. This may be a bit too far out, but there's a wonderful Indian restaurant here in DC that plays a lot with lobster. A little ginger, garlic, fenugreek and tamarind are really quite wondrous with lobster. I'd saute those, along with onions, and then add in some tomato puree. Let it simmer and then once it's done, add in the lobster.