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Jul 27, 2012 11:20 AM

In PDX again! 3rd time in 4 years! A little bit of help needed...

My family loves being in Portland, so we are going to be here for a couple of days next week.

More of a shopping trip for my wife, but we now have relatives in Beaverton to visit!

Unfortunately, we'll be coming in on a Saturday afternoon, so we're going to be missing the main Saturday Farmer's Market.

If you had the choice of the King's one on Sunday or the Pioneer Courthouse Square on Monday, which one is better? Not going for hot food, so that is not a concern.

Seriously leaning towards brunch at Tasty n Sons. If I get there at 8:45 AM, will my family of four be OK to be seated without waiting?

Is the Artigiano Food Truck worth going to? We might do a casual supper there. My daughter saw this on the Food Network and really wanted to try it.

Are most of the Food Trucks open on Monday at Alder? Lardo is closed on Mondays, and not sure I can swing it Sunday (we're leaving Tuesday morning).

Coco & Cacao are on the radar this time, and maybe Salt & Straw as well.

We have Monday evening dinner open - any new and hot restaurants I shouldn't miss trying?
I would've liked to try OX, but it is closed on Mondays. St. Jack? Aviary?

Appreciate all the previous help I've gotten before.

And both of my kids are hooked on Hot Lips Soda!

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  1. You can find Hot Lips Soda at a number of places now.

    Nearly all Alder carts are open Monday, especially during lunch. Sunday not so much, especially the best ones. (Hint: don't call them trucks if you want to blend in like the locals. Even if they are in fact trucks!)

    I think the number/quality of vendors is equal between Pioneer Sq & King. Difference is ambiance, setting. Former is kinda touristy, hot so the product takes a beating. Latter is a laid back down-home residential setting.

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    1. I saw the same feature on Artigiano so I'm hoping a local will give you the 411 as it is on my list for our next trip based on the chef's demeanour and ingredient use.

      I hope you try the Alma ghost pepper chocolate at Cacao -- still kicking myself that I missed out last time. What a gorgeous store!

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        Thanks grayelf. All your posts give me much to look forward - not only here but in Vancouver when I'm there tomorrow!

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          You're welcome! If you need any specifics while you're here, post on the Vancouver board or drop me a line at the email in my profile. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Portland programming :-).

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          I've gotten dinner from Artigiano a few times. Pulled pork sandwich and the same pork I believe as an entree. Pretty good. But I live four blocks away. Not sure I would cross town for this one, if that makes sense...

          Across the street at D Street Noshery, Fuego de Lotus is my go-to cart in the neighborhood. Delicious arepas. When the choice is between their pork belly plate with an arepa, rice and beans versus Artigiano's pork plate? I go with the Fuego almost every time.

          Thursday night is a nice time to visit D Street as Captured By Porches does dollar-off on pints of beer.

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            Yes, I know what you are saying. We pretty much decided that as well. Maybe next time we'll rent an apartment/condo instead, so we take in more of this, and bike around.


        3. Looks like some friends of ours will be in Portland this weekend as well. Where can we go for Sunday dinner for a group of 8? We are wait-listed at Pok Pok, and no one has returned our call at Toro Bravo.

          Any other places? Sorry for the short notice - we only found out today where they were.

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            Toro Bravo called us back and we got in at 5:00 PM today - yea!

            Ironically, my family went to Tasty n Sons for brunch this morning too. We got there early, just before about 25 other people showed up at the same time. It was like they were synchronized to get there at 8:40 AM.

            However I now understand what all the fuss was about. Definitely one of the best brunches I've been to - it was all good, but the Burmese Pork Stew was amazing, as was the Chocolate Potato Doughnuts and the Moroccan Chicken Hash - and my 11-year-old daughter was raving about her French Toast. I loved the vibe and the street its on - I am very tempted to come back again to try the other dishes!

            Toro Bravo is still one of the best places in our books - and it easily impressed our friends we were out with. Although we had some of the staples there (had to accommodate some younger kids), we tried enough new things to keep it interesting. The Hand-cut noodles had some impossibly sweet corn, and we really loved the Oxtail Croquettes (although I wish there were more than 3 of them).

            The other night we went for noodles at Du Kuh Bee in Beaverton - a tiny hole in the wall place with some serious good Chinese/Korean noodles (albeit a tad expensive).

            Still looking for a place to go Monday evening for dinner!

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              Ottos on Hawthorne for sure but I doubt you will get this in time. Sorry. Hope you are basking in the sun and having a great time.

              1. re: extralipitor

                No worries! Will definitely have to try Otto next time for sure. Turns out that we were exhausted from going to the Oregon Zoo, and had to take a siesta instead. We ended up going to Yuzu in Beaverton - another excellent hole-in-the-wall place for ramen/izakaya. The Kunuki ramen is terrific!

                Just enjoying the good weather!