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Jul 27, 2012 11:06 AM

Da Andrea: Worth going to?

So I was going to go to Da Andrea this Saturday with some of my friends. I wanted to know if it was worth going to for a casual night out before the bars. I also would like to know what are the must have dishes here. Let me know thanks!

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  1. Definitely worth it. I love the carpaccio, sweetbreads, stuffed chicken breast, and all pastas are very good.

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      its not a destination place but i live nearby and its one of the top local spots for me for many different occasions.

      pappardelle with sweet sausage ragu, the buns with proscuitto and cheese, the warm octopus salad, the sweetbreads entree...those are all fantastic.

    2. If you want good Italian food, Da Andrea is worth going to. It is better than most of the Italian restaurants in the city IMHO. The mussels appetizer is very good, the caprese salad is also good. The tagliolini al nero ( squid ink pasta with clams cherry tomatoes white wine) a nice pasta dish,
      The spaghetti bolognese is pretty good too. For main course the grilled pork chop with corn, apple and mushroom sauce is excellent. The zabaglione dessert tastes good but doesn't have much zabaglione in it.