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Jul 27, 2012 11:00 AM

Driving from Port Clyde to Portland, ME + Sunday in Portland - where do we eat?

Driving from Port Clyde to Portland at the tail end of a wedding trip. It's the closest thing we have to a vacation during this wedding-packed season, so we'd like to at least have a good time!

About us: young couple from NYC. We'll eat absolutely anything. Obviously we have access to a lot in NY, so we'd most like to have some really great seafood while we're in ME. Price range wide open, but we're definitely not averse to dive-ier places and considering how much we're shelling out on the aforementioned weddings, cheaper options will definitely be considered!

- Any recommendations for lunch anywhere at all en route from Port Clyde to Portland? It might be fun to stop somewhere along the way and break up the drive.

- Being in ME on a Sunday will definitely limit our options - I don't know if it being labor day weekend will change that. Fisherman's Grill was high on the list but it looks like they close at 6pm on Sunday which would be a VERY early dinner for us. Street & Co sounds interesting but is definitely pricey for what would be a casual dinner and 555 and Fore both seem really close to a lot of what's available in NYC. Any recommendations for an option to match Fisherman's grill? Great fresh seafood for a fun Portland dinner?

- We're thinking Duckfat for lunch on Monday before heading out to the airport. The boyfriend doesn't wake up early enough to make a thing out of breakfast, so we'll just get something small near our B&B.

- Cocktails / Music on a Sunday night? Gingo Blue was mentioned in an earlier post and sounded right up our alley with blues & cocktails but (of course) no live music listed on Sundays. I'm thinking that might be the case everywhere... but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

Thank you all!

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  1. I'll take a stab at this one. All suggestions are very casual and very Portland.
    A couple options for a Sunday meal:
    1st. Cheap lobster in a grungy setting at 3 son's lobster on Commercial St. They cook it for you and give you some newspaper and paper towels and you eat outside on picnic tables.
    Alternate choice. Eventide Oyster Company on Middle St. (Across from Duckfat). Not cheap but fast becoming a go-to Portland destination. The freshest oysters. Nice cocktails and a fried oyster bun that is my current favorite thing to eat in Portland. If you have had your fill of lobster already, Eventide is the way to go.
    Then walk over to the Portland Lobster Company. They will have free live music - it's all outside so cross your fingers for good weather. The food is fair at best and overpriced but they have Allagash Black on tap. Good mix of locals sprinkled in with the tourists. Drink here. Don't eat here.
    When done, stroll over to Nuvare Res for a beer in one of the better pubs anywhere.
    Gingo Blue might have music on the holiday weekend so I wouldn't give up on it.
    Now that you're hungry again and just maybe your B&B is in the West end, walk up towards Longfellow Square for some more options.
    On the way, you may find some more free music at Local Sprouts. Don't forget your birkenstocks and be prepared to get your granola on in this most hippy of places. If it's not your thing, keep walking to either pai men Miyake for great noodles or yakatori (all meats from their farm) Or Boda for their "very Thai" food. Good way to end the night as they're open late and it's 2 for 1 on Sunday's after 9:30PM - I know you're from New York but that's getting late for Maine.
    One final nightcap at LFK to rub shoulders with Portland's hipsters then crawl back to your B&B.
    There you have it. It's not too daunting - I do some version of it regularly and probably have kids older than you. Should be easy for a couple of New Yorkers.

    1. Bobbert (whose opinion I often agree with), weighed in, so i can't resist. On the way down from Port Clyde, my suggestion would be to wander down Rt 1 to Damaraiscotta for lunch at either King Eider's Pub, or Newcastle Public House: neither spectacular, but both more than OK, in a charming town setting on the edge of the river estuary.
      Other Sunday evening possibilities if you're sea-fooded out might be the Grill Room or the Corner Room (the former as it sounds; the latter decent Italian) in the Old Port near-neighborhood.
      Duckfat for sure. Don't overlook the vanilla bean creme Anglaise milkshake: to die for!

      1. If you want to break up the trip, Wiscasset would be a nice spot to stop.

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          Great recommendations...
          I have been to all (3)...
          Thank you...

          1. re: jackattack

            I don't know if any of you have been to the Sea Basket recently, but the last time I was there it was downright awful. Way over battered and way overcooked. Worst fried food I've had in Maine in a long time.

            If you want to try something a bit different, go to Morse's in Waldoboro (heading South on 1, take a right at Moody's Diner...a few miles down the road on the left). German deli and the best pickles on the planet.


            1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

              I've heard a couple of other people say that about Sea Basket, too. Surprising. Have you talked to the owner operator? Sounds like trouble in the kitchen. At any rate, have you tried the Lighthouse Diner nearby at the heritage village?

              1. re: jackattack

                Haven't talked to the owner no. With so many other options in the area, I don't feel like even trying it again to be honest. Haven't tried the Lighthouse Diner...though I'm sure I will at some point!

              2. re: MidCoastMaineiac

                We were very disappointed when we visited the Sea Basket in early July. My crabcake was so overcooked, there were black spots. We liked the Sea Basket a lot when we visited a couple of years ago.

            2. Thank you all for the responses - so helpful! (and an extra thank you to bobbert for the music/drinks suggestions in addition to food). We'll try as many of these as we can fit in...