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Takeout Before 10am or Lunch for 12 People around Culver City on a Saturday

Kind of random (and don't laugh), but my fantasy football league is having our annual live draft party next month. Due to accommodating everyone's schedules, we were forced to do it at 10am on a Saturday. Usually we have it catered or have everyone bring something a la potluck. Would there be a good place to pick up food before 10am for a dozen or so people? The other option would be lunch afterwards around Culver City. Any suggestions for a big group?

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  1. You can order off of either the breakfast or lunch menu at places like John O'Groats http://www.ogroatsrestaurant.com/# in West LA or Clementine http://clementineonline.com/ from 7 AM in the case of O'Groats or 8 AM in the case of Clementine on Saturday or places like Milo & Olive http://www.miloandolive.com/ from 7 AM (double check first for menu availability if you are arriving early at ANY of the places listed here just to make sure you aren't disappointed) or Huckleberry http://www.huckleberrycafe.com/ from 8 AM or Amandine http://www.amandinecafe.com/ from 8 AM

    1. Green Peas can hook you guys up since they are open for breakfast...



      1. Short drive to Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica, They open at 9am on Saturdays and you can order on line starting at 8:30am.

        1. We had a group of 14 last Sunday for a delicious meal at Libra Brazilian Restaurant (obviously this would be for lunch afterwards). Have fun and happy picking! Go Vikings! ;-)

          1. I really like the sandwiches at Victor Jr.'s, which is on the north side of Washington across from the studio. My favorite is the Italian beef, but the au jus essential fro dipping would need to be heated. Their cold sandwiches are good, as are their salads. I'm not sure -- I think they open at 10 -- but for a party of a dozen they may prepare and let you pick up a bit early and they may very well have delivery.

            Another thought is to pick up a bunch of fried chicken and maybe some deli cole slaw or potato salad at Albertson's (there is one on Sepulveda near Palms). A good, convenient and very inexpensive way to feed a crowd. I'm sure if you called the night or a couple hours before they would freshly fry as much as you needed for pick-up before 10.

            You can start a fantasy football draft for a dozen teams at 10 and finish in time for lunch? You must have very strict time limits. Wonder if Peyton Manning goes before Brady?

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              It's actually 14 teams, so might take a while. We have Brady projected at late 1st in our league, so way before Peyton.

            2. The aptly named "Lunch" on Main Street in downtown Culver City is a good option. They'll do breakfast or lunch orders on Saturdays. They've got a lot of experience (I can attest) to handling big orders. Order here 2-3x/week


              3829 Main Street
              Culver City, CA 90232

              1. Grand Casino on Main in DTCC has covered me often for impromptu AM gatherings. Facturas for sweet pastries (anything filled with dulce de lache is great), alfajores are perfect with coffee, empanadas come in six varieties, and sandwiches de miga are standard Argentinian party food.

                1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll have to make a decision soon, or else the league is going to opt for McDonald's breakfast...

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                    We do take our party platters from Rutt's Cafe all the time. It's Hawaiian food and it's cheap and it's good and it's greasy and goes well with beer (even though Rutt's doesn't have beer on the menu).

                    Here is there takeout menu. I wouldn't recommend it for every occasion but it's perfect for a fantasy football draft.


                    They'll work with you on portion size.

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                      I hate to sound like a shill, but if your friends are into Mexican food I think you should check out Taqueria Los Anaya on Adams (east of Culver City but not too far). I've eaten there a number of times and the food is always fresh and tasty. http://taquerialosanaya.com/ They're open at 7am on Saturdays and have done catering. One night a few of the crew were absent and when I asked the young lady serving us said some of the crew were in Montana doing a catering job for 200 at a wedding. The restaurant itself is too small for a large group although I'm sure they'd try to arrange it. The 3 Anaya brothers are super nice as are their staff who seem to be family members.

                  2. Bumping this again.

                    This year, our live draft will be held once again in Culver City at 7pm this Friday, and we'll have ~10 attendees. Any suggestions for takeout?

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                      Are you w/i the delivery radius for Bossa Nova? The West LA location *might* be close enough to Culver City?

                      Maybe Gloria's?

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                        What did you do last year? Or was it 2 years ago?

                        Get Guerrilla Tacos to cater. Lol.

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                          Last year: Sorrento
                          2 years ago: McD...

                          When the entire league is rich, then we'll get Guerrilla to cater. We'll also hire hot chicks to serve us drinks and to handle the draft board.

                          Our previous commish ran on a platform of a Vegas draft, but that fell apart, so he was impeached lol.

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                          Hoagies and Wings (Pico and La Cienega) delivers to Culver City. Really good wings, pretty good sandwiches. It seems like it's too far for them to deliver, but we live west of the 405 and they come to our house all the time.

                          Order online and they just show up with the wings. They have a bunch of flavors and everything.

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                            Glorias. The food will be fresh and tasty and the prices will be reasonable.

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                              I like Gloria's, but don't think it'll be an viable option.

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                              Hollywood pies could work. They deliver. We did a draft at a Buffalo Wild Wings before. Wifi. Deli platter from labels and fresh rolls.

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                                Don't think they deliver that far.

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                                Thanks again everyone. I'll try to steer my league in the right direction.

                              3. I used Caviar to have delivery from Phorage. Places like Mayura will also deliver. And then last time it was my turn for "breakfast club", I went with Rutt's.

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                                  tubb's chili is an option -- on Sepulveda in a little strip mall. they have a pretty varied menu, and all their chilis and fixins go very well with beer

                                2. Deli platter from Lenny's deli or any number of delis around town.

                                  Fish platters with bagels (get the bagels at the deli or your favorite bagel bakery) or get a tray of meats, cheeses and rye.