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Jul 27, 2012 10:23 AM

Takeout Before 10am or Lunch for 12 People around Culver City on a Saturday

Kind of random (and don't laugh), but my fantasy football league is having our annual live draft party next month. Due to accommodating everyone's schedules, we were forced to do it at 10am on a Saturday. Usually we have it catered or have everyone bring something a la potluck. Would there be a good place to pick up food before 10am for a dozen or so people? The other option would be lunch afterwards around Culver City. Any suggestions for a big group?

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  1. You can order off of either the breakfast or lunch menu at places like John O'Groats in West LA or Clementine from 7 AM in the case of O'Groats or 8 AM in the case of Clementine on Saturday or places like Milo & Olive from 7 AM (double check first for menu availability if you are arriving early at ANY of the places listed here just to make sure you aren't disappointed) or Huckleberry from 8 AM or Amandine from 8 AM

    1. Green Peas can hook you guys up since they are open for breakfast...


      1. Short drive to Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica, They open at 9am on Saturdays and you can order on line starting at 8:30am.

        1. We had a group of 14 last Sunday for a delicious meal at Libra Brazilian Restaurant (obviously this would be for lunch afterwards). Have fun and happy picking! Go Vikings! ;-)

          1. I really like the sandwiches at Victor Jr.'s, which is on the north side of Washington across from the studio. My favorite is the Italian beef, but the au jus essential fro dipping would need to be heated. Their cold sandwiches are good, as are their salads. I'm not sure -- I think they open at 10 -- but for a party of a dozen they may prepare and let you pick up a bit early and they may very well have delivery.

            Another thought is to pick up a bunch of fried chicken and maybe some deli cole slaw or potato salad at Albertson's (there is one on Sepulveda near Palms). A good, convenient and very inexpensive way to feed a crowd. I'm sure if you called the night or a couple hours before they would freshly fry as much as you needed for pick-up before 10.

            You can start a fantasy football draft for a dozen teams at 10 and finish in time for lunch? You must have very strict time limits. Wonder if Peyton Manning goes before Brady?

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              It's actually 14 teams, so might take a while. We have Brady projected at late 1st in our league, so way before Peyton.