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Jul 27, 2012 09:26 AM

Where do French expats go for French food?

My girlfriend's parents will be here for a month. They're from Nice and not very adventurous, so I'm looking for any French restaurants frequented by French expats. Pommes frites to high end. Thanks for any recs.

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  1. There were quite a few French people at Le Veau d'Or when I was there last. It is not adventurous and not fantastic food, quite frankly, but if they get homesick they'll like it!

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      It's not good food, so best not to recommend it. If they're really homesick for typical French food, consider Relaise de Venise.

    2. Balthazar seems to get a lot of French tourists.

      1. Since they are from Nice, i imagine they also appreciate Italian food since provencal cuisine has many Italian influences. And, since imo, French food in NY is usually mediocre, i recommend you consider some Italian places, of which we have many good ones. I'd consider Scarpetta, Osteria Morini, Dell Anima, and others.

        1. I would recommend Cercle Rouge in Tribeca. It's a pretty legit little bistro, with all the classics, quite well prepared. My French cousins find it very homey.

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            I too like Cercle Rouge, especially for the foie gras. Lucien in East Village, gets many French customers, their bouillabaisse is really good and they have many French classic dishes. Many artists, poets, writers frequent the place. It is a bit tight seating ,but well worth trying. Paradou in the Meat Market is also a good French place with a "different" assortment of dishes. The foie gras tasting ( i think 5 different preparations) is rally good.

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              Wow!-definitely want to try the foie gras tasting!

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                Its really good, and you can order 1, 2, 3 or 5. they pair each with interesting jams , nuts etc

          2. Several weeks ago The NY Times ran an article about Le Moulin a Cafe that many people from France really like. It's close to the French school, so (according to the article) many parents like to stop by. The menu looks very nice. Since it's not too far from my apartment, I'm tempted to stop by. The restaurant is on York Ave. near E. 76 St.