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Jul 27, 2012 07:51 AM

KO at the Shipyard

Is the new East Boston location for KO Pies where Scups used to be?

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    1. B and I went for the first time this past glorious Sunday. Honestly, the food wasn't earth-shaking, but it still was the perfect spot for a lazy sunny afternoon snack. We started with the pita plate, which came with hummus, tzatziki, and spicy guacamole dips (we both thought the latter was the best of the bunch). Pita tasted stale and was disappointingly of the average supermarket variety. We moved onto the Jonah crab salad. The description sounded so enticing that we "super-sized" it. The scant amount of crab did not justify the $14 price tag. It was a bit overdressed, as well. B gave his feedback about it to the nice woman working the bar/counter. Then, onto the spicy chicken fillet sandwich for B (rather pallid-looking in my opinion, but he said the bread was good) and the curried veggie pie for me. While I loved the flavors of the pie, I wanted a bit more spice and the bottom crust could have been thicker and, thus, less soggy. Still I would order it again.

      My other quibble was with the amount of plastic being used - utensils and cups (although wine glasses and plates were "real"). The pita plate came with 3 different plastic spoons stuck into each plastic cup of dip - eesh! I sent an email to KO...maybe they could somehow state on the website to BYOU (Bring Your Own Utensils). I really wish other places, for example lobster/clam shacks, would do the same thing. They could even offer a small discount, as Whole Foods does for bringing your own bags. B and I want to return, but we'll show up with our own utensils next time.

      Sitting outside, looking out at Boston, with a sweet-voiced singer and her guitar to accompany the planes flying overhead, boats floating by, cool public art scattered about the shipyard...despite my quibbles, it really was a perfect summer afternoon....ahhhhh....