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Jul 27, 2012 07:24 AM

Scanpan Cookware?

Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience with Scanpan cookware? I have read that it can have problems with pitting.

I'm considering Scanpan because I like that it is 100% free from PFOA and PFOS. Can anyone suggest another brand that is similar without the pitting issues?

Many thanks,

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  1. So far, so good, but I've only been using my 12" fry pan about a month now. I was drawn to it for the same reason you are. It came highly recommended from my local kitchen goods store.

    1. I love it and would own their whole range if I could.
      I bought a rectangular frying pan primarily because I make a tofu dish that I figured would work perfectly in it (slices from 2 blocks of tofu sit just right with enough room to maneuver around them). I've had it about 8 months now, use it for all kinds of stuff at least 4x a week, and it's pretty much like new.
      I found a 3 qt Dutch oven at a TJ Maxx for $40 (retails around $150) and love it too. Was beyond thrilled when I got it.
      My pride and joy is the 14 inch wok my husband got me for Valentine's Day. It is gorgeous, conducts heat brilliantly, and I love it.

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      1. re: buttertart

        OOH, you have a Scanpan DO? That IS a steal! And a wok, too! Who knew? :) I wish us both many happy miles in our respective Scanpans.

        Meanwhile, lacylu42, how about youuuuuu--did you take the plunge?

        1. re: kattyeyes

          The smaller wok is often on sale for $79 or so. The do is very cute and came with handle covers so you could use it to serve from.
          Back atcha, k-e!

      2. I'm hoping that they have improved them in the last ten years. I ended up getting rid of all of mine,that were nonstick, as everything stuck to them. In fact the kitchen store that carried them stopped carrying them as everyone that bought them were returning them.

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        1. I've only had my Scanpan for a few years, but I have had no issues. It releases extremely well when cooking egg-beaters, the stickyiest stuff around in my opinion. We liked it so well that we bought the square grill pan as well. Some here have had their Scanpans for years and love them. I've never read about pitting.

          1. I also love my Scanpan. I have just one, the 11" fry pan. I've never had anything stick and it allows for browning and fond creation, which I've never before seen in a nonstick pan. Full disclosure: I don't cook meat, but the Scanpan does a beautiful job searing scallops and carmelizing other food. I have the CTX version.