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Jul 27, 2012 07:07 AM

Subway's Confusing Menu

During a bit of a road trip, we stopped to get gas and the station had a Subway in it. I was starving and saw their new "avocado menu." I decided to order the deluxe veggie. The menu stated "$5 foot long and $4.25 for 6inch" Obviously, for a few quarters more, I'm going with the larger. The menu showed three sandwiches and stated "with avocado and spinach." I asked for my toppings and the woman said lettuce and I wasn't paying attention. So I got my sandwich and went to pay. $5 + $1.50 for avocado, plus tax $7.02. I'm not crying over the money, but it seems to me that it's false advertising. My brother on the other hand ordered something that wasn't on the menu and the girl said "there's a special on it...$2.50."

Weird advertising if you ask me.

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  1. Avocado is included on some "feature" sandwiches and is an add-on for everything else.
    Too bad you didn't ask at the time, but now you know.

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    1. re: Samalicious

      It was on the Avocado menu, so I assumed it was included. The other menus had the add-on. Maybe the girl behind the counter screwed up

    2. Hi... I'm trying to understand your post, and after a couple of readings, I think I do. And I agree that menu is vague, in favor of the business.

      However, if one dined at a restaurant that featured a special menu of white truffle shaviings on all its pastas. I would assme tha it is an uppgrade at additional cost (with a discliamer regarding market price, of course).

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        The price was next to the picture with the the sandwiches description. Another menu on the other side said "add avocado for $1.50. I think she messed up...not gonna die for $1.50 but false advertising if it wasn't a mistake

        1. re: silence9

          Hahahaha boy now that's pretty good comparing a white truffle shaving to a Subway $5.00 footlong!!!

          1. re: jrvedivici

            I actually went back and had the Subway Club sandwich with white truffle shaving. It was $57. Delicious.

        2. I've ordered the same item. The cashier messed up. It's not false advertising.

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          1. re: Boston_Otter

            +1. I typically eat at Subway about once a week and have ordered this item several times without a problem. The OP's experience had nothing to do with "false advertising" or a "confusing menu." This was just a perfect storm where the cashier made a mistake and the customer either wasn't paying attention or passively chose not to question the bill.

            1. re: Arthur

              I think you and Boston are right. I was not paying attention and actually felt bad for the young lady who got hit with a ton of people running in, in a town that had mostly lost power