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Jul 27, 2012 06:22 AM

Restaurants along the 20 around Victoriaville or Drummondville?

Anyone have suggestions for restaurants, either around Victoriaville or Drummondville?

We're not looking for a great restaurant, juste something fine that's not a chain. For example, when we drive Rimouski-Quebec, we stop at Porto Bellissimo in St-Jean-Port-Joli for nice pizza.

I saw this previous thread ( but there were no suggestions and we're not as picky.

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  1. This is a puzzle. We once got off the highway to get gas just before Restaurant Madrid and discovered a gas station with a Chinese buffet. That was interesting and surprising. Restaurant Madrid with its dinosaurs and big signs is another we've tried it is just okay. They seem to have St-Hubert chicken there now so perhaps it has become a chain? There are nice places in Victoriaville but as that requires a detour so probably not worth it. Restaurants in Drummondville might be the best bet.

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      The original Madrid was closed down and demolished last year, the location has been rebuilt with a St-Hubert Express and a McDonalds, but they kept the dinosaurs as decoration outside!