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Jul 27, 2012 05:00 AM

Taj Palace: New Indian in White Plains

A new Indian restaurant has opened in the old Graziella's space at 95 South Broadway: Taj Palace. Looks to be more in the vein - and price point - for the sadly-departed Bengal Tiger, rather than Ambadi.

All the Indian standards are well represented, but they also have some interesting dishes not seen on typical Indian menus. My wife and I ordered some delivery last week and had a good meal. I got a saag made with both spinach and broccoli rabe - never had that combo before, but it was very good and had some zip. Also got lamb kolchapuri, a spicy lamb dish that again, I don't see on many Indian menus. Also good, very spicy, but more of the slow burn variety.

My wife's channa saag was a bit bland - Ambadi's version is better - but Taj Palace's version of malai kofta was very good and beats Ambadi's version.

It's nice to finally have another Indian option in WP - not that I don't like Ambadi, but I can sometimes get into a rut ordering from there, Taj Palace is offering an online coupon of 10 percent through the end of the month.

Here's their website:

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