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Jul 27, 2012 04:34 AM

Rosie's Wine Bar - Garwood

Anybody been? We've been wanting to go for ages, and I've heard the wine selections are great but I'm wondering what the food is like, as we want to go for dinner.

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  1. We went once, 4 of us.

    Had a horrible experience, service was the worst we ever had. Food was mediocre at best. Will never return.

    The wine selection was pretty good.

    Just one person's opinion

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    1. re: Yellowshirt

      We did wind up going, had some nice wine and hubby's manhattan was very good, but the food wasn't anything to write home about. Think it will be a good place to hang for drinks and nibbles with friends, but not a destination for dinner.

      1. re: mickeygee

        That's what we love it for. Plus, it just seems nice and "airy" (for lack of a better word) inside...good atmosphere (if you ignore the Shop Rite across the street). Basically only have good things to say about it...go with the right attitude and expectations, and you won't be disappointed.