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Jul 26, 2012 10:06 PM

Moving to Sacramento

My wife, toddler son, and I are moving to Sacramento in a week. We have never lived there and have no friends or family in the area. We are, however, optimistic, and we like the city. I'd like to hit the ground running by knowing some of the best places to visit. Please give us some of your recommendations in each of the following categories, keeping in mind that we are middle class and love a reasonably priced things, and enjoy an occasional great bargain. Thank you in advance!!















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  1. This thread will answer some of your questions for Sacramento.

    You'll want to acquaint yourself with Corti Brothers.

    Since Sacramento is outside the SF Bay Area and instead discussed on the California board, look for your post there. I've flagged it for a moderator to move for you.

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      Corti Bros. will fill many of your requests. Chandos for great Mexican food. The farmers' market Sunday mornings is A MUST DO! Welcome to town! Don't know where you are moving from, but you can have a year-round garden here!

      1. Reall, it would help if you told us what area you are moving to. Midtown? The burbs? too many people move to the area and describe it as "Sacramento" when it is a half an hour drive away. So some places may be out of range (Such as Orangevale Meats (Butcher) FINS, (Seafood), Sams Deli (Jewish Deli) Roma's (Pizza, three locations) Fats (Roseville and Folsom (Dim Sum), Denios in Roseville (Fruit and veggies), Bistro La Petite (Old Town Folsom)

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        1. re: bennyboy1

          Fat's is NOT dim sum. They offer a few items you may see at a dim sum restaurant (e.g. shu mai, pot stickers) but anyone hoping to get dim sum at those restaurants is going to be bitterly disappointed.

          1. re: bluex

            You are right. The food though is pretty excellent. I was more talking about the location of the OP more than specific reccos. if they are not moving to midtown or the south area, Dim Sum will be hard to find. And good dim sum even harder.

        2. have not read the other posts...but for fish monger and real butcher shop...Taylor's Market on Freeport! Absolutely. I agree about Corti Bros. as well. Would help to know what area of town you will be living in. If it's Elk are stuck with Raley's or Safeway...unless ya want to drive. could I forget Food Co-op on Alhambra and S street!!! Great organic meats and fish...and all other stuff. Many many Asian markets in Sacramento!! We are short on Jewish Deli's...but Rolle's is a great French Bistro in East Sac. I like Massulo's for Pizza on Riverside or honestly..if you want neopolitan, hit Cafe Bernardo midtown, Paragary's Bar and Oven or even Spataro's. All have great neopolitan pizza. Chando's for tacos...Bombay for Indian....and Akebono II for great sushi and Ramen. For absolutely fabulous tasting vegan...Andy Ngyuen's on Broadway. In fact...Broadway has a ton of ethnic resto's...Ethiopian, Indian, Thai, Japanese..and Asian Market too. Don't miss the Sunday Farmer's Market under the Freeway! Huge! Flaming Grill for Burgers of ALL kinds.

          1. Oh...for dim sum, we like Kings Palace on Stockton. Other's love New Canton too. For great pazole...Alanzo's on Stockton!!

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            1. re: melly

              Sorry everyone for not mentioning my specific location. Our place is in east Sacramento, near Trader Joe's, which we love.

              We have been here a week and have been to:

              Cafe Rolle: fantastic! been twice already in one week.
              Onespeed: good enough. I'm sure we'll be back, mostly because it's walking distance.
              Food Co-op: great organic food selection. Bring your checkbook.
              La Fiesta Taqueria on Alhambra near Safeway: Darn good "wet burrito". Enough for 2 people easy. We get this takeout to feed both of us and our toddler.
              Dim Sum House: very cheap dim sum, but taste is a B-, save for the tasty BBQ pork buns.
              New Canton Dim Sum: standard quality dim sum. No complaints, but nothing special. Eager to try Happy Garden and King's Palace.
              Viet Ha Vietnamese (Florin Ave near Stockton): maybe the best vietnamese food I've ever had. My wife and I have been to lots of vietnamese places in Seattle, Houston, and Baltimore, and this place anks with the very best. I am sure others in town are also excellent.
              Lemon Grass: quite tasty thai food. eager to try others.

              Thank you for your recommendations. I can't wait to try the ones you've posted, and the ones you have yet to post.

              1. re: alarash

                For Iranian food, you might consider trying Shahrzad (
                )which is all right in my opinion. I have never been to Famous Kabob, but it would be
                your second option.

                1. re: bclevy

                  Thanks for the recommendation. I went to Shahrzad, which was pretty good. Famous Kabob was about the same, maybe a hair better, which is nice as it is close to where we live.

                2. re: alarash

                  Did I mention Vientiane in West Sac for absolutely fantastic Laos/Thai?? Get the stuffed chicken wings and the green papaya salad..and larb!

                  1. re: alarash

                    Fun to go to Kings Palace with a group...on Sunday's. We found going at 1 pm is the best time. We go sometimes as a group...message me if you want to go!

                    WE ARE going this coming Sunday the 12th with a group of like-minded Sac peeps. I think 1 pm. but will let ya know if it changes. All Sacto chowhounds welcome.

                    1. re: alarash

                      Was visiting the area from OC this past weekend and tried New Canton and found a few things to complain about. The Har Gow were very mushy as was the filling in the Char Siu Bao. On a positive note, the Jook was good as was the Roast Pork.