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Jul 26, 2012 09:43 PM

Recs for 1 meal in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore?

Hi everyone, I'm going to be hopping through the mentioned cities and am hoping to fit in one nice meal among a few smaller bites for each city. Thanks very much to the reviews on CH I've narrowed things down, but was wondering if you could review my plans:

Hong Kong (arrive 10pm, depart next day at 8pm):
Lunch at Tin Lung Heen
Nice view and the food looks good - would there be any place worthier? I would love to do TBLS and others but they're only open for dinner.

Kuala Lumpur (1 full day)
Malaysian Petroleum Club(?)
Does anyone know if they're still offering the Petronas Towers ticket that includes a tour for the Skybridge, plus the observation deck at level 86, ending with a meal at MPC (MYR 200 lunch/300 dinner)? And, importantly, if the food is good?
If not, would you have any recommendations for a nice meal? I only came across Cilantro, Sage, Lafite, and Fragipani but they don't interest me. I may just go to Rama V for the Chor Ladda dumplings, which look beautiful! I've never seen those before.. Thanks for the review, klyeoh.

Singapore (2 full days)
The food sometimes looks like it came from the kitchens of Eleven Madison Park (!) although of course the feel of the restaurant seems different. I'm keeping myself at a US$200 limit, so Waku Ghin, Andre, etc will be for another time. I like that Jaan has a view. I'm not interested in Ku De Ta. Is there any other restaurant with a sub-$200 limit, preferably with a nice view, that I should check out?

Thank you!

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  1. US$200 limit for your Singapore sojourn should be more than enough. Try Equinox (next to Jaan) on the 70th floor of Swissotel - the views from Equinox's angle are, in fact, more spectacular than Jaan's:

    Another restaurant with a view (and which should fit your budget) is Luke Mangan's Salt on Orchard Road:

    If you don't want to do Ku De Ta, but don't want to miss the amazing views from atop Marina Bay Sands, you may want to try the food at Sky on 57 by Singapore's best-known chef, Justin Quek:

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    1. re: klyeoh

      ah.. I thought I read that CHers aren't fans of Sky on 57's food? But I'll look into all three of them anyway. Thank you very much!!

      1. re: Embla

        yes; the views from equinox are definitely better than from jaan. haven't had a meal equinox for ages though, so i can't comment on the food.

        for (chinese) high tea with a view, you can try sichuan dou hua. they have a tea pairing with dim sum menu which you may find interesting.

        1. re: Embla

          I was actually intrigued by Justin Quek's failure to make Sky on 57 a destination dining spot by now, based on his very successful past achievements: Les Amis in Singapore, Le Petite Cuisine in Taipei and La Platane in Shanghai.

          But then, his past successes had been built on producing stellar French cuisine, whereas Sky on 57 was his attempt to offer casual Western and Singaporean/local food in a luxe setting. Somehow, the Singapore dishes fell flat - maybe we locals preferred the sharper, stronger tastes we get from the hawker centres, for a fraction of the price.

          Anyway, I hadn't been back to Sky on 57 at all this year, so things may/could have improved?

          The views up there are absolutely spectacular though. Despite being a self-professed hardcore foodie, I must admit that I *don't* judge a place based solely on the food nowadays - unlike in days of yore when Chinese food connoisseurs did not mind squatting in squalor whilst appreciating precious good cooking amidst squalid conditions.

          These days, many of us would very much prefer good food to be complemented by good service, comfortable (clean!) dining environment and, preferably, a fantastic setting. In this respect, very few places in Singapore can equal Marina Bay Sands' Skypark on the 57th floor - its views over the Singapore CBD on one side, and the futuristic Gardens on the Bay on the other side was absolutely incredible.

      2. Your emphasis seems to be on good food with a view. Sad to say while that is possible in HK & Sing, it ain't in KL. I would suggest having dinner in KL for the food and then going to another venue for post prandial drinks with a view. I've no experience with the MPC at all so that may well meet your needs but have not heard it being mentioned as a must eat in KL.

        For HK you may want to also consider Lung King Heen at the Four Seasons or Above & Beyond at the Hotel Icon. The former will give you a Kowloon view and the latter a HK view like your choice of Tin Lung Heen (with more interesting buildings). Have eaten at both and the food is pretty decent.

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          mikey, maybe Le Midi at Bangsar Shopping Centre can fit the bill somewhat. It's got a nice view of KL's skyline if one snares a window table.