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Jul 26, 2012 09:41 PM

Where in the world would you go ?

I am just sitting here dreaming. I loved the espresso in Rome, the food of Tuscany. Germany for the weiners and beer. Austria for cakes and everything. Hawai, with the fantastic seafood. These are places I have had a chance to visit. If you could go anywhere for the food, where would you go ?

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  1. think I'll hop off to Amsterdam for fries and mayo.
    then off to the Highlands in Scotland for scones.

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    1. re: iL Divo

      "off to the Highlands in Scotland for scones."

      And Butteries (i.e. Rowies).

      1. re: DougRisk

        I will never, ever forget scones in Scotland, especially at Scone, Perth.

    2. Singapore for chicken rice,KL for fish head curry,Hong Kong for roast goose,Brittany for oysters and Port of Spain for goat roti.

      1. sapporo Japan for Izakaya cuisine

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        1. re: AdamD

          Hokkaido from late fall for superb sushi.

          1. re: Tripeler

            Ive had some killer food in Sapporo, even the simple things like a local baked potato with Hokkaido butter

            second only to sushi breakfast at tsukiji
            touristy I know, but omakase and sake at 8am is a wonderful thing!

        2. New York. But wait, I already live here. :-)

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          1. re: John Francis

            Yep.... just a subway ride away from Katz's, Zabar's, Russ and Daughters, Chinatown. I'm happy staying where I am!

            1. re: iluvcookies

              Agreed. The city has almost everything you want except for those local institutions of similar caliber in other places around the world.
              And forget about deli, its just not as good anywhere else.

              1. re: AdamD

                I agree with those calling for NYC. In all my travels I have yet to eat better, on average, than I do in the Big Apple. I am fortunate enough to visit relatively often, and every time I do the trip ends up being a food extravaganza that ranges from the ultra-upscale with innovative dishes from the best at their craft to the equally well-executed, but humble, slice of pizza.

          2. My travel has been so limited and I have never been over seas, but from the various cooking shows, I would have to say either Spain's Basque country or somewhere in Greece would be my choice. Although Cambodia and Vietnam look pretty interesting. As for the U.S. I am craving a trip back to New Orleans.

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            1. re: jhopp217

              JHopp, I am curious, what is it about Greece that you would choose it over Italy or (non-Basque) Spain?

              I ask, because it is only recently that I have started to learn more about Greek food.

              1. re: DougRisk

                I grew up with a Greek best friend. Then I moved. My best friend at the new location? Greek. That coupled with my love of all seafood, lamb and so many other Greek staples (oddly I just got into olives in the past five years), is part of the reason. Then add the beauty of Greece and it's people and it's on my bucket list.

                Please do not come back at me with "american Italian isn't Italian. I'm well aware. I just have tired of Italian cuisine. I just know some people who are Italian who went to Spain and liked the food better. I also know quite a few, I know surprisingly, who went to Italy and were less than blown away by the food. I know nobody who has gone and said it was the best thing they've ever had....not even best Italian.

                1. re: jhopp217

                  I'm putting the Greek islands on my bucket list. I'll have to figure out which one. Slow and slower is best for me. Some small village with great food and wine sounds very relaxing.

                  1. re: jhopp217

                    No, no, I was not looking to attack anything.

                    I was asking because, as of late, I have become much more interested in Greece and Greek food (I still know only a little).

                    However, it seems that when people start going on about Mediterranean this and that, Spain and Italy are mentioned time and again. So, when someone mentioned Greece, I was curious to know why.