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Beverage of choice when enjoying your favorite slice of pie?

What do you drink, if anything, when eating a slice of your favorite pie (whatever that pie maybe)?

I find that I really like a nice glass of dry chardonnay with any type of fruit pie. Otherwise, it's just coffee.


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  1. with my grandma's pies, it was always milk.
    with Kathy's grandma's pies, it was always English breakfast tea, loose leaf with milk and sugar.

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      I like tea with my pie as well. I just made a wild blueberry pie and had a piece last night with Earl Grey tea.

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        Kathy's family was fresh and newly planted here in California when I met her, age 6.
        They were very British, new to the country and very different from what I knew as a young child, a California young child.
        But when her grandma put a piece of pie in front of me, all I knew to do was say thank you and accept the tea, it's all they knew.
        I grew to love it, still do, and although Kathy's gone, I still remember fondly those times of pie and tea.

    2. heehee. I've clearly misinterpreted the question. Just seeing the title, my immediate thought was "a glass of nice red like barbera of course; or maybe a beer, if you're a beer person. What else would one drink with pizza?" Then I clicked on your question and saw you're talking about dessert. Oh well. My bad. ;)

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        Barbera d'asti with a slice of pepperoni pizza for me.... OP did say whatever that pie may be!

      2. I rarely eat desserts but somehow Florida key lime pie follows up a dinner of Florida grouper or stone crabs nicely, and there's usually a little more chardonnay or bubbly to accompany it.

        1. Any kind of pie? Then my favorite would be chicken pot pie, with I dunno, orange soda.

          My favorite sweet pie is blackberry/raspberry and that goes well with cold lemon water.

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            You know what? Chicken pot pie and orange soda sounds really good.

          2. My favourite pie is steak and kidney. In the days when I drank alcohol, this calls out for a beer - bitter, for choice. Second choice would be fidget pie which would have called for cider every time.

            Since I stopped drinking (some 9 years ago), I don't care what I drink, so long as it isnt too sweet (which restricts me to fairly minimal choices)

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              My favourite pie is steak and kidney as well.

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                Fidget pie is a new one on me. Sounds British. What is it?

              2. Fruit pie, no beverage at all; I don't like the disturbance of a wine during...maybe after
                Cream pie, sometimes iced cold water if the pie is super rich
                Savory pie, def. red wine
                but I really look forward to my first pumpkin pie with apple cider every season!

                1. Definitely milk. Coffee at breakfast. I like the sound of that blueberry pie with Earl Grey though.
                  Wine has not occurred to me I must admit!

                    1. Gotta be a coffee with honey and 1/2 & 1/2.

                      1. Tea. Orange pekoe (preferably "King Cole") with milk. Otherwise, just water. I love wine, but the combination of pie and wine just does not appeal to me at all.

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                          King Cole, just a great tea, especially when brewed up with friends!

                        2. Beer.

                          Beer goes with everything. Pizza pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, meat pie, pot pie, plum pie, steak pie, etc. In fact, beer can be a meal in itself...you don't even need the pie!

                          Beer, it's not just for breakfast anymore.

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                          1. A cheap, roughhewn red with a slice of pizza.

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                              LOL, I had to smile at the reference (rough hewn). When the girls come over for cards the fun, box o wine and customer gifted reds always join the party.

                              1. I'm pretty fickle when it comes to my favorite slice of pie...or to put it another way, my favorite slice of pie is usually whatever kind of pie is in the house (other than rhubarb...my favorite pie will NEVER be rhubarb). And depending on the pie, my choice of beverage is either black coffee, milk (rarely), or plain ol' ice water.

                                  1. It really depends on the kind of pie. Some fruit pies are really nice with a shot of bourbon, neat.

                                    1. "JUST" coffee...??? JUST COFFEE...??? hmph! Shame on you.

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                                          Apology accepted. Along with a steaming mug of mocha java with a nice head of crema. '-)

                                      1. with sweet pies? fruit, cream, fruit and cream, or other... coffee, milk, or tea. mayyybe an extra glass of water. favorite pies include strawberry rhubarb, sour cream lemon, pecan, and banana cream. but i'd probably eat a slice of any sweet pie that was in front of me.

                                        i've had some pot pies and shepherd's pie, but never a steak and kidney or mincemeat...

                                        never thought of having any wine or alcoholic beverage to accompany pie, although i wouldn't be opposed to it.

                                        1. I'd second RealMenJulienne's cold lemon water with just about any dessert pie- it doesn't compete with the sweet.

                                          Though with a homemade apple pie, a glass of ice cold milk really hits the spot. One of those childhood classics.

                                          And orange soda doesn't sound half bad with chicken pot pie!

                                          Beer or chianti with pizza for me.

                                          Champagne or white wine, sure, with quiche.

                                          And taco pie (or Frito bag pie, even) with real CocaCola in a glass bottle, please. Another taste of long ago. Ironic that to get the genuine all-American drink one has to look for the Mexican version. Though I stock up on kosher yellowcap 2-liters around Passover time too.

                                          1. For fruit pie, it would likely be just a cup of coffee, black (though the idea of cold lemon water sounds very appealing).

                                            For pizza, a glass of milk (this is a holdover from when my parent's made pizza when I was a child, and I still love a glass of cold milk with pizza).

                                            1. Coffee, iced tea, or ice cold skim milk with fruit pies; coffee, iced tea, or hot tea with creamy pies.

                                              1. I assume you meant dessert, but saw all the entree dishes that people answered. My go to for a sweet pie is a strong cup of coffee. If it's really sweet, like a lemon meringue or key lime, I might like a nice Riesling.

                                                1. Milk with any kind of dessert pie! Soda or beer with pizza.

                                                  1. depending on the pie and the meal:
                                                    hot chocolate
                                                    cold chocolate milk
                                                    beer (i'm american so ice cold of course)

                                                    somehow soft drinks/soda/pop never sounds right with pie, although root beer and pizza isn't bad at all.

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                                                    1. re: KaimukiMan

                                                      Root beer with pizza is practically a requirement!

                                                    2. I am almost exclusively a cream pie and black coffee consumer or a pork pie and lager inhaler.

                                                      1. With fruit pie, ice-cold full-fat milk. Any other, coffee or tea.

                                                        1. Coffee or milk, regardless of the type of pie. If neither is available, I'll still eat the pie. :)

                                                          1. I don't eat much pie, but I do occasionally make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving. To me, there is nothing better than a post turkey slice accompanied by a nice snifter of amber rum.