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A Big Bravo To Taco Bell's Cantina

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We had the new Cantina Bowls from Taco Bell for lunch today, and I can honestly say I cannot remember having anything this good, and especially anything as "un-fast food like" ever before from any fast food chain. Ever!. It was quite enjoyable. Hooray for Taco Bell, and here's hoping it stays this good always. Has anyone else tried it? What did you think?

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    1. We had them recently too and did like them! One veggie and one steak. Liked the marinade on the steak, just a hint of kick.

      1. Had the steak version the other day. Terrible. Just awful. And I love taco bell. There was zero flavor in every component. I had to add salt, pepper, and a few salsas to make it decent. And I still only ate half.

        1. We had one chicken and one steak; liked the chicken a bit more. The vegetables were nice and crisp and had a lot of flavor. The dressing was light and complimentary. Definitely would order again and want to try the all veggie option.

          A very good option from a fast food chain.

          1. I posted a review in another thread on the new Taco Bell "Cantina" menu items: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/857381

            The Cantina Bowl I tried (chicken) was OK... but surely not good enough that I'll go back again.

            1. I got the chicken burrito and thought it was terrible. No flavor at all. I really wish they worked on the cantina street tacos more instead of releasing this. Their menu is getting very, very confusing.

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                I got the chicken burrito and thought it was awful too. It was extremely bland, other than a strong metallic taste. When the strongest detectable flavor is "metal," something's wrong.

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                  Some people taste cilantro as "metallic" -- e.g. http://www.thekitchn.com/cilantro-why...

                  Could that be the case here?

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                    I don't think so, I use a ton of cilantro and have never noticed any metallic taste. I do get a metallic taste from certain canned foods though (particularly tomatoes, and probably other acidic foods), I was guessing that's where it came from, from canned black beans or corn or something.