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Jul 26, 2012 07:47 PM

What do you buy your spice jars?

I really need to organize my dried herbs and spices. Most of them I buy from ethnic stores and most of the time they come in really awful plastic with paper labels at the top that are cumbersome and spill when open and can't be kept sealed in their original packaging. I grow a lot of herbs to dehydrate too. I also buy dried peppers (guajillo, ancho, de arbol, pasilla, etc.) by the lb and they come in the same kind of deal, and I grow and dehydrate probably like 20 lbs of peppers a year as well, so for peppers I'm looking for a decent number of pretty large jars. Some large jars for dried fruits and nuts, and for sugar and flour would be nice too. For the regular spices maybe 12-16 oz jars or so. I'm kind of OCD with things being uniform, so I don't like to save jars from the grocery store.

Anyway, cool story bro. Any ideas of where to get cheap glass jars for spices online or in common retail stores? It seems like for the smaller jars it would probably be cheapest to buy them in bulk online. For the larger jars, the shipping might be cost prohibitive. What about spices racks? The ones I normally see in the store have very small jars and don't hold enough jars for a chowhound with a well-stocked kitchen so I kind of shy away from those.

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  1. For mail order, two good sources are and , which both carry various sizes and shapes of jars, sold in quantity.

    Since you want jars up to pint size and larger, an inexpensive solution would be to just buy some cases of canning jars, which you can buy at hardware stores. They make solid plastic lids meant for fridge or freezer storage if you don't want to mess with the two-piece lids. Or if you invest a bit more you could get the jars with the metal bails and swing-top lids.

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      Thanks, I really like the hexagonal jars from, they go up to a decent size and aren't too bad on price. I think I've ordered some small hot sauce bottles from that site before if I'm not mistaken.

      Sorry about the nonsensical thread title by the way, I started out writing "what do you do for spice jars" and then changed it and forgot to change "what" to "where." Oops.

      I can recommend jars with lids from Wasserstrom

      1. I remember that Crate and Barrel has a nice shipping option, but I am not sure if it is still available. I bought my glass jars there.

        There are advantages and disadvantages of various spice containers, and you will need to balance your needs. For example, glass jars do not impart flavor and smell, plastic jars are light and shatterproof.

        1. I bought jars from Penzey's and herbs and spices elsewhere. They're not the cheapest, but I liked the size and shape. For large jars I like the Italian canning jars with the glass lid held down by a wire bail. The French are equivalent if you like that style better. Both are readily available online.