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Jul 26, 2012 05:32 PM

Going to Vegas for a long lunch. Help!

We live in LA and we have a gazillion air miles with SW. We've decided to use them wisely by doing short hops to nearby cities for lunch only - there and back in the same day.

Had our hearts set on Jaleo in the Cosmo for the first of these outings but gutted to find it only opens for dinner. Only criteria is it must have a full bar and be a reasonable taxi ride from the airport. We're adventurous diners and love offal, sushi, etc. And our preferred seating is at the bar (preferably in front of the kitchen). We don't want to get too dressed up.

We've been to Vegas many times but not for a few years. The view and overall Vegas experience is unimportant. It's all about a fabulous long lunch (probably on a weekday).

If you can think of anywhere that might fit the bill, I'd be very grateful to receive your suggestions. Thanks hounds.

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  1. Julian Serrano at Aria opens for lunch - pretty darn good. Don't think it has a bar you can eat at - more of a long counter - I guess you could call it a bar. Lotus of Siam is amazingly good Thai and is open for lunch - they definitely have a bar - not really for sitting at. Can't imagine you'd have to worry about a dress code at either place.

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      I had a great meal sitting at Serrano's "long counter" last year. It was dinner time, but I assume they'll serve you there during lunch.

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        I agree, Julian Serrano is fabulous- as good, or maybe even better than Jaleo (I've been to both multiple times), but their lunch menu (at least the last time I went), was an extremely abbreviated version of their dinner menu. Most of the best dishes were missing, and we were really disappointed with what we ended up with. Do yourself a favor and wait until you can do a dinner there.

        IMO, the best Vegas restaurants are dinner only, but a few that come to mind for good lunch options are Morels, Carnevino Taverna, Sushi Samba (Palazzo), Bouchon (Venetian), Milos (Cosmo), or Border Grill (Mandalay Bay). If you can, get a room for the night and have dinner- your options will be much much better.

      2. re: kagemusha49

        Julian Serrano has a bar where you can enjoy lunch; I ate there and enjoyed it greatly. It's a closed kitchen though, something I always enjoy.

        Make sure you have some gazpacho. After my lunch, I gave strong consideration to returning in the evening with one of those huge souvenir daiquiri cups, and asking them to fill 'er up with gazpacho.

      3. Thanks everyone. Serrano it is